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My two cents on the black tie conundrum... For a long time I never wore black clothing and I still largely don't. However, I kept hearing the occasional person speak the merits of the plain black tie. So I took a flyer on a black grenadine and a black silk knit. I was surprised at how good they looked with a navy suit against a white shirt w/ a white square. In addition, they also look great against a white shirt under a blue blazer with grey trousers, as well as with...
Yes, direct from the online shop. Looks like they only have their version of GATs left: http://www.svenssonshop.com/product-dlist.asp?catid=16980
Fwiw, I ended up pulling the trigger on their black low top that looks an awful lot like Common Projects Achilles. Anyway, I got their 46 which is a great fit for me. I typically wear a 13 in a Nike or Adidas sneaker, but measure more like a 12.5 on a Brannock and wear dress shoes like a 12 in the Alden Barrie last. Barker Blacks in an 11 UK / US 12 fit me well too. Allen Edmonds 12s are a pretty tight squeeze for me. Prefer Edward Greens in a 12/12.5 as the 11.5/12...
I don't think there is any snark to this. I really second what he's saying. Reading this thread from the beginning brought a me a lot of entertainment. It's in your best interest not to just jump to the conclusion. The mystery and the theories are perhaps the best things about it.
Anyone here have a review of that crocodile leather wallet on the site? Seems like a decent price for a full croc wallet.
Can anyone weigh in on sizing on these?
Apparently there is Beams store at the outlet mall near the airport Chitose. In addition, there is a Beams outlet and a United Arrows outlet at this outlet mall near Kitahiroshima. Both of those outlet malls are tragically inconvenient for those without a car. In addition, there is actually quite a bit of decent shopping around Sapporo. More than I was expecting. Definitely not as good as Tokyo, but very good. I was expecting next to nothing, but Sapporo has 2...
Can anyone compare the sizing of the white sneakers with other high end sneakers like Bally or Common Projects something? Thanks in advance. Also, when do those expanded sizes drop?
Maybe you could hang up some vintage French champagne posters like that chat noir one? Also, go to Ikea and get a picture that everyone else has. But seriously, just start looking around and find something that moves you. It's tough to find something that fits with the decor AND is pleasant to look at on a regular basis AND is not gonna break the bank. It might take some time, but that's okay. If you want your place to be authentic, it's a process. It doesn't happen...
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