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Actually, this is what people used to do. In the muscle car / hot rod era, people would change the badging so that people thought you had a 327 when you really had a 454 or something like that. Makes sense for performance cars.
That Fulvia they sold with the Rally get up is a nice one.
Regarding the earlier discussion surrounding VWs, I have had a Jetta and a Passat and I concur with the statement: all of the downside of owning a German car with none of the upside. Also, saw this vid recently on the Cadillac ATS-V and the Mercedes C63 AMG and was very impressed with the competition in this segment now. With these high performance 4 doors, it's no longer just the M3 / M5 dominating: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEJYD6PS9q0&feature=youtu.be
My older brother bought a 635Csi off of a family friend when we were in high school (1999, I believe). It was awesome. He got it for a song. Put it in a ditch about 3 weeks later. Completely totaled. Was fun while it lasted.
I stand behind Rectify. Excellent show.
My wife ended up getting a Mazda CX-5. Not too exciting, but meets her needs.
I was at the Nordstrom Rack on State Street here in Chicago on Thursday of last week and they had a lot of Barbour coats on sale. I only saw a rack of women's so not sure if there were men's. I didn't look as I already have one and didn't need to be tempted. Women's waxed coats were in the $200 range if I recall correctly. Large selection. Guessing there could be men's as well.
I agree. Pretty certain about this. Fiddleback waist is the dead giveaway. Pretty sure Doucal's does not make for TF.
At the risk of continuing this conversation re: Prime / Amazon in a thread where we are supposed to talk about cars, I would also add that Amazon Prime is really not that much worse than Netflix. The selection isn't quite as good, and their interface is clunky / ugly, but on the whole it has a lot of good stuff for streaming (HBO catalog, for example). Anyway, considering you get the 2 day shipping, then prime is a pretty good value at less than $10 per month. In addition,...
@Dachshund to be clear, I like them. I would get an R8 (any year, any engine) over the Gallardo because it is just more my style. I was just putting an idea out there. I think the Gallardo, though perhaps dated, is more interesting looking than the 430 or 360. Although that much money (vertically) opens doors to a lot of other cars.
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