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Cross post from SW&D Sales thread and no idea of legitimacy but this place has some pretty good prices on Lobbs, Corthays, G&Gs. Resurrected
This guy sucks...HARD.
Haven't sat in the seats but all the reviews I have watched indicated they were quite uncomfortable. YMMV, but the supposed rigidity and lack of adjustments would be a problem for me, especially on any longer drive.
PDK thoughts? Having a good year. Itching to get back in a 911. Thinking about a 997.2 GTS w/ PDK. I know that I should "just test drive one" but not always easy to come across what you're looking for locally in the used market. I drive quite a bit in the city, which is why I am kinda iffy on getting a stick shift again.
My mechanic swears by these things. He is a reputable guy. Says they never come into the shop with anything more than routine maintenance. The platform is almost unchanged for 20+ years. Most of the things that you will potentially have issues with are based on changes to interior / electronics / etc. This is all via him, btw.I have been looking at them for awhile now. Haven't read anything about any major issues plaguing any of the models btwn 2003 - present.
Attitudes like this are why debt traders at banks make so much godforsaken money.
Rapide looks quite elegant in real life. Peeped that one you're talking about and oh God, the horror. That leather is awful.Pics kinda make this thing look like a Tesla, but hardly so in person.Sounds great too.@GreenFrog I would want to make sure that the car copes well with those E92 ZCP wheels as they may rub on the front. Idk, worth considering.
Everything you are saying makes this sound like a no.Car is not rare. NA M3 coupe (LHD): 26,202 examples produced from 02/01 through 05/06. 26k over ~5 years. That means it isn't hard to find one. Silver over black is about is vanilla as it comes so definitely not hard to find one of those.This car is still depreciating. Therefore it should depreciate from where the guy bot it. You start getting into the 12-15 area and maybe you see a floor because even salvage title E46...
Could be Mexico as well?
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