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Well 488 will ultimately attract status buyers and GT4 will attract driver buyers. So from a drivers' perspective, I think the GT4 is more important. That car will shine, but I bet we will all ooh and ahh a lot more when a 488 rolls past.
@Piobaire, your general combative nature and nitpicking over word choice often causes me to drop out of / never enter into certain conversations or threads because I don't find it worth the headache. I imagine most people are set in their ways and I don't really expect a change, but maybe it's good for you to know that I don't appear to be the only one who finds that sort of behavior agitating and repetitive.
I think the bigger concern for me is the longhaul health of turbo cars. Turbos seem to put strain on an engine and it's just one more thing to go wrong. Often, replacing and removing turbos is no easy feat, sometimes requiring total engine removal. I just feel like these cars could be maintenance nightmares down the road. An older, normally aspirated car only has so much that can go wrong with it.
@TimelesStyle The volvo was in electric blue and it was the V60 so the wagon, not the sedan (S60). The productions are pretty limited. I think the only color options are either electric blue or black.
@Krish the Fish thanks for the input. Helpful. Also, I saw a Volvo V60 Polestar yesterday. Sounded awesome.
Ended up towing it to a different mechanic. Will end up with new quotes and decide from there. I don't think I am gonna do the swap. Anyone here have experience with new Grand Cherokees? My wife is considering it.
Place finally got back to me and quoted me $4700 to replace SMG pump. It is about the same to do the manual swap although that may require a new clutch / flywheel setup, which would be an additional $1400. I called another place (reputable shop) who said $3500 for the SMG pump. I told the first place stop trying to rip me off. We'll see what happens.
Only saw lows in the Balenciagas.
Most Frontline stuff is really good. You can just watch it all on the Frontline website as Netflix only has like 15 different things. In particular, I really enjoyed Death By Fire and A Death in St. Augustine (both on Netflix) as well as The Confessions (on the Frontline site). If you enjoy stuff about wrongful convictions or injustice within the justice system, you will enjoy these pieces.
I was at the Neiman Marcus at Oak Brook Center yesterday and they had a number of high end sneakers on sale including: The Balenciaga low tops like this: http://www.liberty.co.uk/fcp/product/Liberty//White-Embossed-Panel-Leather-Low-Top-Trainers-/113164 I want to say that after an additional 20% off they were sub $200. There were a buncha sizes and basic colors like white, grey, black. Also, they had these Gucci mid sneakers in white with a green snakeskin section at...
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