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I have a pair of Meermin UK 11.5 Light Brown Snuff Rapello Suede Chukka Boots (Model 101468) that have been only tried on and not worn outside of my carpeted bedroom. Sadly, this last is just a bit too tight on me (too short on my big toe). For frame of reference, I think this shoe fits pretty similar to an Edward Green 11.5 UK / 12 US on the 202. I wear a 12 in the Alden Barrie comfortably, if that helps people with sizing guidelines. I would say that this fits pretty...
Got the new v2 sneakers in the mail today. I'm pleased. Not quite as substantial as the pairs of Svensson or Bally sneakers I have (which are similar), but priced way better and all around a very pleasing shoe.
Meh, I dunno. Sometimes you gotta send a message. If the consequences in the US were more severe, I am sure people would adhere to the rules and be more considerate. Fear is a strong motivator.
This is not a Joss Whedon fanboi thread. Stop trying to make it one.
The best suiting fabric comes from Europe. There are often very high import duties / tariffs on European made goods so good suiting fabrics are often obnoxiously expensive in Thailand.
My two cents on the black tie conundrum... For a long time I never wore black clothing and I still largely don't. However, I kept hearing the occasional person speak the merits of the plain black tie. So I took a flyer on a black grenadine and a black silk knit. I was surprised at how good they looked with a navy suit against a white shirt w/ a white square. In addition, they also look great against a white shirt under a blue blazer with grey trousers, as well as with...
Yes, direct from the online shop. Looks like they only have their version of GATs left: http://www.svenssonshop.com/product-dlist.asp?catid=16980
Fwiw, I ended up pulling the trigger on their black low top that looks an awful lot like Common Projects Achilles. Anyway, I got their 46 which is a great fit for me. I typically wear a 13 in a Nike or Adidas sneaker, but measure more like a 12.5 on a Brannock and wear dress shoes like a 12 in the Alden Barrie last. Barker Blacks in an 11 UK / US 12 fit me well too. Allen Edmonds 12s are a pretty tight squeeze for me. Prefer Edward Greens in a 12/12.5 as the 11.5/12...
New Posts  All Forums: