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Carson Street Clothiers sale started. You can haz teh starx if you hurry.
Anyone have any insight into how the Rota trousers fit? Never tried on a pair. (Any comparable brands? How slim is it thru the seat / thigh / knee / calf / leg opening?
Atelieronweb.com is doing 30% off FW2013 for Black Friday. Starts 8 pm Nov 28 and ends 8 am Nov 30 (Rome, Italy time). No code as car as I can tell.Kent Wang for the value play or Svensson for the ripoff sneakers.
How does the inca last run?
20% off everything on the John Smedley website with code: WTJS20 Ends Nov 26.
Hmm, maybe not the most appropriate season to post but I got these leather gloves from my mother-in-law last year for my birthday and I really like them. They are getting a nice patina. http://store.gaspargloves.com/catalog/product/59155856a72746c0a2b7e6dc5c9ac335 They are the same gloves Ryan Gosling wore in the movie Drive. That may be lame to some people. Personally I think it is kinda cool. Here they are in action. Forgive the photo quality (as you can see I was...
Forgot about this thread. I recently had Honey Butter Fried Chicken here in Chicago and it is pretty amazing, I must say. I might go so far as to say as it is the best fried chicken I have ever had. They do a great pimento mac n cheese as well.
Have you ever put on a barrel with suspenders like they do in cartoons when they lose their clothes?? It's kinda like that. That...or a potato sack. Oh, you haven't tried a potato sack either??? Well then, I guess I would just say kinda like J. Crew but with slightly longer arms. And quality is decent. Not amazing, but seems decently well made.
SnowKING...are you a shill for Hughes?
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