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@GreenFrog it is SMG. The shop mentioned that they could do that. However, I had the same reservations you did. That said, I plan on keeping the car for a few years.
My E46 M3 is in the shop... They think it's transmission related. Gonna cost me an arm and a leg.
I have a Skyroll. I use it when I am going to a wedding or something. It tends to do the trick. It isn't all that big though, so wouldn't cover you for more than a weekend and I normally end up supplementing with a backpack as well. It is pretty plain looking. I would prefer something more stylish as I typically use Rimowa and Filson luggage. But Skyroll fits the bill if you just want plain, black, ballistic.
Anyone in this thread ever gotten into Le Mons / Chump type of racing? Also, I thought he was back to being on the good side of Ferrari as evidenced by the LaFerrari video as well as his ownership of an FF.
http://www.sotostore.com/store/sale Some decent stuff in there including Stark in Black. Shipping kinda pricey, but if you order enough it's worth it.
Agree. This is about as negative as Chris Harris gets. I like a lot of the stuff he puts out too, but does he ever really say that something is bad?
I had my reservations about Transparent on Amazon Prime. I just figured it won a Golden Globe because Hollywood just has a boner for anything pushing a liberal-minded agenda. But I watched it and really loved it. The Americans is also on Prime and I am enjoying it so far. The first season of Rectify is on Prime as well, and I thought that was quite good.
http://unionmadegoods.com/product/rrl-shawl-plait-cardigan-in-indigo/ 40% off w frontrunner code
My understanding is that they were going to stop production of the D90 at the facility where it is currently built. However, there may be a chance that they move the production to a different plant (as in, a different country in order to continue supplying the global demand for these things). Anyone care to chime in on that?
For example (and this is from a dealer, so I would think you could find something similar or better via private party): http://www.automatchusa.com/web/used/Porsche-911-Carrera-997-2005-Morton-Grove-Illinois/17825220/
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