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You serious? Ford's logo / typeface is legendary in my opinion.
What culture / religion are we talking about?
Watched all of Larry Sanders Show recently and really enjoyed it.
So, maybe not the right thread or even forum, but I am looking at used Porsche 997s and some of the pricing seems to make no sense. Some of the 997.2's are cheaper than 997.1's with similar options and in some instances the 997.2's have better options (S version, etc.) and even less mileage! Are dealers just stubborn about reducing price? Even if that's the case, they clearly must accept the concept of time decay on the value of these things. So can it be assumed that...
Slowear / Zanone stuff has been stocked on Mr. Porter as of late.
Nordstrom recently marked down a bunch of things (rag & bone, APC, varvatos, Boss, Shipley & Halmos, Gant Rugger/Bastian etc.). Pretty good buys by Nordstrom the last couple seaons. Also, Nordstrom will price match as long as another website has the same size in stock as you want from Nordstrom (and they will occasionally price match even if the size at the cheaper website is out of stock). The nice thing about this is Nordstrom's iron clad return policy.
Penelope's in Chicago usually has had a few things from YMC for the past 2 years.
Also, if improperly positioned, your dump will just land on that porcelain shelf part. And then it stinks to high heaven. My encounter with this stupid contraption is what made me realize how much water cuts the smell of a dump. Perhaps this shelf is there from olden days when maybe royals had their dumps inspected by a royal dump inspector (see History of the World Pt 1 or The Last Emperor).
What are people kopping from Poarter?
Also, people really didn't give recommendations for the radar detectors (one vote for a passport). The poster's question wasn't about whether or not it is okay to speed, and if so when and why.
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