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H&M v-necks are longer in the arms and body. I am 6'2" (188 cm) and they are just long enough for me. Get the merino wool ones. Only $40 USD at full retail. They don't wear out quickly in my opinion, but I don't wash sweaters very often.
Does TM Lewin Fully Fitted have pleats in the back / shoulders or is it a plain back? Thanks in advance.
What a couple people alluded to, but never really stated outright, is something that you can learn from your girlfriend and it's called high-low. This is where you mix expensive stuff with beater items, and chicks do this all the time. One place to get particularly good mileage in this area is getting good shoes because it's easy to tell the difference between $100 shoes and $500 shoes. It's hard to tell the difference between $75 denim and $200 denim. It's hard to...
This one is not for the faint of heart. Damen Leathers bought at a flea market in Frankfurt, Germany. Actually came with matching leather motorcycle pants. and the back...
This one is straight up Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Vintage Brooks Leathers which I thrifted a long time ago.
Fidelity does an AMEX as well that has 2% cash back into your Fidelity brokerage. Honestly, it's one of the best cards out there as far as pure benefit goes. Redeeming points often involves hidden fees, blackout items / dates, etc., and no matter what you're better off with cash than gift cards. For the Fidelity card, you only need a Fidelity account and you get 2% cash back on everything (gas, groceries, clothes...whatever) and has no annual fee (unlike many AMEX...
Lots of accessories (scarves, gloves, hats) and ties on sale at Neiman Marcus (Mich Ave). A lot of the ties were great, prices ranging from $50-$120 i I recall correctly. There were a lot of cool ties there, some in house brand, but Kiton and Brioni and the like as well.
Thanks CY. What happens if you polish shoes with the wrong shade? In this example, could I turn the grey into black? It seems possible, but I dunno. In a more extreme example, could you turn brown dress shoes black with polish alone?
Ordered this cardigan and clicked purchase 2x. So in case you were wondering, yes that actually happens where you will get double billed / two items if you spaz out on your mouse. So get this cardigan at a discount and get it off my hands. Anyway, the Stark gets a lot of coverage here on SF and this one is a great color. A true maroon (SNS also makes a "burgundy" color in some knits which is really more red than anything). It is a slim fit and has enough sleeve length...
Absolutely ancient thread to bump, but how does one go about keeping the charcoal tone of the shoe when polishing? Is there grey polish? EDIT: Nevermind, searching for "gray" instead of "grey" yielded a recommendation. http://www.styleforum.net/t/175881/caring-for-gray-shoes
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