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My friend had a couple sweaters that his gf bought for him that disintegrated within 2 months of purchase. Tons of flaws on that knitwear. This was 2 yrs ago when brand was first starting to get out and knitwear. Things may have improved but the sheer lack of quality that he experienced has deterred me from ever buying anything from them.
I own a Porsche and I hate Panameras. They are hideous. It looks like they just lowered a Cayenne as far as possible.
Bumping this old thread just so people can see the pics of some of those bold, garish prints. Very 70s/80s. Not sure if I would wear them, but I can dig them.
There are a lot of things that are messed up about this story. Most of them have been mentioned. I will mention the unmentioned and perhaps unmentionable and say that the guy who was killed should have been able to save himself, or at least prolong his impending doom. 22 seconds is an eternity. He could have gone in the column area between the 2 tracks. He potentially could have gone to the opposite side of tracks.
Saw an Aston Martin Rapide outside of the Four Seasons Chicago this weekend. Very nice looking 4 door. Much better looking than an A7 or Panamera. I was pretty impressed.
25% off plus free shipping when you buy Eastland shoes online. Ends Dec 23. SEASON4SHOES6 Made in Maine and Eastland 1955 are exempt, unfortunately.
Someone was asking about Barbour on sale. Try getting it with the J Crew code. Should be 30% off if people scored Alden with it.
Referring back to the heart attacks, seizures, etc. while driving, an old man had a heart attack and died and careened into my dad at a stop light and totaled my dad's Shelby GT500. This was back in the early 70's. Damn shame.
Never underestimate the power of mommy and daddy.
Dick Ovens would be a great name for a brand...
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