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I think Schwa is good. But it's quite affected in how much it tries to rebel against the mainstream. It's actually a bit childish. Not really cool that the servers are "high as hell" as Tooch indicated, not really cool that they blare music, not really cool that they're so inconsistent with keeping their commitments. I think it's this thing where wealthy people think they're acting as patrons to these starving artists and as a result get some sort of dinner theater...
Let me know if you get any 48 (US 38).
All, Pardon the potential naivety, but what is so special about hand rolled edges on pocket squares? Should I really care? Is the quality really better? Is there an easy way to tell if edges are hand rolled? What should I be looking for with regard to indications of quality? Thanks.
+1. One of my very good friends bought some suits at Boss on Mich Ave this summer and had them tailored there and they completely botched it, despite him being quite specific about what he wanted. Now he is stuck with a $1500+ suit that he doesn't really like. He spoke to management about it and all they were willing to do was give him 10% off.
Gant blazer is new or used?
Does anyone have experience with purchasing / using Palmer And Sons luggage and bags? I thought one of their hard cases looked cool, but haven't seen it in person and wasn't sure of the quality behind the work. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. FYI: http://palmerandsons.ca/Palmer-And-Sons-Designs.html
Certain websites allow you to create a fake portfolio, so you can see how your investments would have hypothetically done. "Paper" simply implies that it's not real.Also, you should take an intro to finance class (there out to be a finance class for non-finance majors, assuming you're in college).
Yes, even if you break into trading and have success, at the end of the day you will very likely feel bad about your lack of creation. It is not a very fulfilling job.While this is true, we're also all just one trade away from early retirement.
For what it's worth, I decided I wanted to go into trading mid-way thru my senior year in college. It would have been easier had I decided before I even got to college, but it just meant I had to pay more dues than some. So did you end up going into trading?
Milk the career center as much as possible. Consider internships during the school year. Do some finance on your own (trading in your own account, managing your own finances/budgets, getting an on campus job that is finance related). Get to know older UCLA guys who are aiming to work in finance too, but don't be a turd about it. If these people get jobs with firms you desire, they can likely help you get an interview when it's your time. Join the UCLA investment club...
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