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Anyone else have experience here? When people say a 38 is slim even for a 38, are they talking that it's slim in the chest / shoulders / what? I tend to wear things slim and normally wear a 38 but not sure if I should go 40. No one stocks the dunkeld in Chicago. Thanks in advance for the input.
Is it marked 38? Just confused why it says 36/38. Thanks.
The Stockroom at Inventory mag has some ready to wear sweaters from them.
very good belts. i have a couple myself. would recommend, especially given the price.
On the way to work this morning a guy was on the phone with ear piece and in an argument (ostensibly with his gf / sig other) and began shouting "What does 'what' mean?" over and over. He was also very poorly dressed.
I have only done this for credit cards, so nothing serious like a home loan, but I usually just take my worst bonus from previous 3 bonus cycles and use that. Not great, but figure it's safer than taking the median or avg.
15.5k/yr in 2006. It was actually minimum wage. It was a loan to myself. It's called a draw. I was working for a prop trading firm. It was horrible. No benefits. So I got paid 50% of what I made in trading profits after fees. And obviously you're not gonna make too much trading if you're new / don't know what you're doing / were a history major in college and didn't know what a Bid/Ask spread was. Fees were part fixed, part sliding, but the fixed part was 1500/mo. ...
I would say don't let this thread worry you. You are dealing with a really skewed data set. If someone cares about saving, he will read this thread. If he is an idiot and doesn't care about it and just blows his entire paycheck on goth ninja garb, he will not bother responding to - let alone searching for - a personal finance thread. In addition, SF has a lot of people that are more concerned with details than the population at large. As a result, it logically follows...
Maybe instead of fundraising just try to get a prop firm to back you and give you a slice post-expenses. If you are running a fund, you're looking at 2 & 20 at best, and given you have no track record it will probably be worse. An established prop firm can probably cut you and your partner in on 20% - 50% of your P&L. Also, half the groundwork will be laid with respect to infrastructure / compliance / etc.
Wife and I put money into 401k (10% each). Then with take home pay, we spend almost all of it. My bonus is usually 100-300% of my salary and all of that goes in the bank. So ultimately my savings rate is very high, but if I got shafted on a bonus, my numbers would look pretty bad.
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