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Looks like they got rid of the additional 25% off? Thought they "extended" it until end of Feb
Both fits so far look really good for stuff coming in under $500. Tailoring looks like it should be minimal. Also, nice to see that the stuff actually fits the way it looks on the website, as opposed to so many retailers who clip the extra fabric behind (J. Crew, Polo, etc.). I had been debating getting one for awhile. Will def drop in next time I'm in NYC. Thanks for posting this. Also, anyone know when their S/S stuff comes out?
FYI, I ordered the blue travel blazer and it is indeed a 3/2 roll. Seems pretty nice. Think I'm gonna keep it. Sleeves are a tad on the shorter side for me, but my arms are longer than avg. (6'2", usually a 35 sleeve in arms, and all brands that people complain about being too long are fine on me Gant MB, Dolce, Z Zegna). I need to make sure my tailor can let out about an inch without it looking weird.Also, I contacted CLAD to see if it was 3/2 or just 3 and they told...
this is sold
Couple nice blazers on sale at Sid Mashurn (among other staples like sweaters and pants). Unfortunately I snoozed and missed out on that blue blazer in my size. http://www.sidmashburn.com/shop/sale.html
I'd like to know about this as well. Also, are they really 3 button, or 3/2? The pictures show them styled as a 3/2, but hard to tell from styling.Descriptions are pretty lackluster.
are those Caruso jackets 3/2 roll?
FYI, that Meltonian Charcoal Grey did the trick. Thanks again.
Also, how could I forget Party Down? One of the best, and most overlooked shows of the past 5 years.
I actually had this happen recently as well. I didn't even request it, which is the bizarre thing. I was just having a jacket taken in and when I came back, the jacket had double vents. I was actually blown away because the tailor didn't ask me about it (could have been a huge no-no, but I actually prefer double vents). However, like Mr. Potato, I am very thin and there was plenty of fabric that could come out of the back. I am truly astonished that it looks good, but...
New Posts  All Forums: