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right. in tokyo, definitely saw a veyron in a pretty loud blue. saw some yellow porsches too. figured it might carry over to maserati but i guess not.
BRG is cool. There are way too many cars in my garage that are various shades of silver. On a proper car, BRG is timeless. Somewhat surprised that the Japanese don't like it.
Anyone have a k40 radar detector? Reflections?
I was pretty astounded by this. Why are they beating him? He is unconscious and possibly dead. Kinda disproves someone's earlier insinuation in this thread that cops are good people.
^ I didn't know how low car loans were. Good pt. Car, house, education. Really the only things that can be justified to finance. But I do think you should go for pretty decent size down payments as yield is hard to find right now.
While some of you may hate on the OP, I can sympathize. I can't stand how difficult dealerships make it to test drive a car. If I am going to be spending the next 5 years in this thing, I wanna be intimately familiar with it. That includes matters of ergonomics, performance, cabin noise, space, etc. Some of these things cannot be ascertained properly without spending a decent amount of time in the car. In my opinion, it's really best to borrow a friend's car to figure...
So there is a homeless woman who gets to the station at about the same time I do on a semi-regular basis. Why she is getting to the subway at 7 AM on a regular basis is beyond me as clearly she has no obligation to be in any particular place, especially at 7 AM (maybe she is just there all the time, I dunno). Anyway, she smokes old cigarette butts down at the end of the station and tries to hide behind a pillar, but obviously the entire place fills up with cigarette smoke.
I have seen a few Samuelsohn suits and sportcoats at The Rack in Chicago as of late.
He means Haberdash, which is a brick and mortar men's clothing store in Chicago. You can call and order from them, though. And yes, they do stock it. I found that out a little after posting this, but thank you very much for the heads up.
This is what I said. But what do I know? I'm merely a professional trader.Seriously, they already have the infrastructure / low latency networks that you'll need and many should be able to put you on a 50 / 50 split. And even if they don't give you 50 / 50 (usually the better prop firms give you less of a % because they are dedicating more to resources / developers / infrastructure), you should still beat out the 2 / 20 because the 2 won't be jack and you should get at...
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