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There was a pretty good interview with the creator / lead designer of the first Viper in Esquire last month. There were some interesting back stories on the car. Also, yes the RRS is similar to the LR4, but it's also priced about the same and the RRS is significantly better looking. Also, the regular RR is a great car, but it is not double the car of the RRS, but it is basically double the money. The RR is for people that are pretty insensitive to price. I am not one...
As far as dream garage goes, I'd probably have: 993 Ruf CTR2 Singer Porsche 959 McLaren F1 Ferrari F40 Toyota FJ40 with a lift kit and mods Ford GT40 or GT Range Rover Sport Supercharged (for wife) Some sort of old man car (Lexus, Cadillac, etc. just for extreme comfort)
Grand Nationals can be had for pretty reasonable prices these days. Sub 20k in pretty amazing condition considering the age. Plus you get a fair amount of creature comforts when compared with the muscle cars from 1965 - 1973 that would make a GN less of a pain to drive. GNX still super expensive. The Grand National is trashy, but awesome. However, you could also get a souped up Buick Regal from same era and trash it and not even worry about it. But still, Grand...
Can we please try to stop this thread from derailing into a "How to get the best deal on an ugly car nobody cares about" thread?
All of the above. But props to the Beebs for spending his loot on some cool cars. He can drive a mirrored finish Fisker and chicks still wanna sit on his face. I don't really expect him to drive an Obsidian Lexus ES300 like an old guy who golfs a lot. I am glad he drives absurd cars. That's the upside of being an 18 year old with a hundred million bucks.
http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2186381/Angry-commuters-vent-rage-fellow-passengers-hilarious-snaps.html Just....wow.
Stuffwhitepeoplelike --> Being offended is exactly what I was thinking of when this thread started heading in that direction. Anyway, we can all agree that tasteless modifications are horrible and you can find them in any low rent neighborhood in any city in the US, regardless of racial makeup.
Why doesn't someone just start a thread for TBS codes?
Also, I saw the Altima on a commercial the other day and I actually said to me wife, "That is the definition of the most boring car ever. Totally uninspired." And I would stand by that statement. I just don't know why people would buy that car. Talking about the new 4 door here. In the late 90's, I think it was actually a decent looking car. Now it's just a blocky mess.
If they're gonna look at Camry, might as well have them look at the Venza while they are at the Toyota dealership. In my opinion, the Venza is a great looking car (realize I might catch some criticism for this). But I really like the look of the car and think of it as the one "crossover" that seems to actually make sense. Personally, I wouldn't drive it, but I would buy it for my wife.
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