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Investment pieces? Stocks, not stockings homie.
So is there a Jos. A Bank pop-up shop then?
Anyone think that new Ford Fusion grill looks an awful lot like an Aston? And the profile seems to look a lot like the Jaguar XF
Fixed that for you. Really hope bankers aren't going to Reuters or Bberg.
Are there typically more sales in Jan than before Xmas?
Those new Kent Wang sneakers are looking pretty fresh. Definitely gonna pick some up when they expand their sizes in the spring.
Thank you culver. I was considering Simpson's. And I will keep my reservation at Grosvenor House, then. Anyone have suggestions for the best place to get meat pies?
Bumping this thread. Debating staying at either Grosvenor House (JW Marriott) or the May Fair. Can anyone compare? Read some so-so reviews of May Fair on Tripadvisor. Also, has anyone been to Wild Honey? Surely there must be more restaurant recommendations for London. Also, where should I do Sunday lunch / brunch?
Agreed. Also, I can sell my ring for what I bought it for. And I shopped at the wholesale, jeweler's row places and my ring would've cost the same. Colorless, GIA, round, VS, as you get over a carat prices increase exponentially. So I would be surprised if In stitches could replicate the setting/ring and diamond for 9k.
I did a lot of shopping around. I cannot handle the idea of overpaying for things. I guess it makes sense since I make a living out of buying things I deem to cheap and selling things I think are dear. After doing all my research, I was prepared to spend ~$15k and had located the ring my wife liked most and decided to buy it from Tiffany & Co. I went in there and thought I could get a ring that was listed at $17k for $15k. Turns out they don't negotiate. (Winston and...
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