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Oompa loompa glory hole?
Right, and they will continue to drive pleb cars because it's a matter of choice. I know plenty of people who do the same. I do not envision them making the jump to a Phantom even though they could afford to do so.Statistical aberrations do not undermine my statement that I doubt he would go to a Bentley GTC. Anomalies are not strong evidence to refute my doubts.Saw one on Martha's Vineyard this summer. Simply awesome car. Most people won't know it's 100k, which I...
Ovadia & Sons off the rack stuff is slim fit and low rise. Pretty sure they have MTM as well. NYC only for that, though, as far as I know.
For a reasonably priced tuxedo for a slim guy, try Suitsupply. Single button, peak lapel, can't remember venting. ~$500 or so. Stuff never goes on sale so don't bother trying to wait out a sale. Also, love that tdubs first post was a knock on JOSB.
Find it hard to believe that this guy is gonna go from a 91 Toyota to a Bentley GTC.
Sizing is slim. I wear 31 in APC New Standards or Petit Standards and pretty much 32 in everything else. I have several pairs of 32s from Ovadia & Sons. Although I could squeeze into them, I ultimately had an inch let out of the waist. Next time I order pants from them, I will get 34s (and I don't own a 34 anything). So I would say strongly consider a 30, especially if you are planning on tucking shirts into the pants.
Get a used B7 RS4.
The best part of this entire thread was all the hate on MikeDT. YOU CAN'T GET A SAUCE AS THICK AND SWEET OVER THERE! Re: the SA's, I actually stopped shopping at Barney's in Chicago because my SA left. It makes a pretty big difference in the experience in shopping at a store when you have cultivated that relationship. Sometimes, they will even fluff you.
I agree. I shop there substantially less as a result of the fact that I am not a "founding member" and I have actually complained to their customer service about this. It's a new business. They're competing for new clients. They shouldn't start out by isolating a ton of potential clients by locking them out of anything. I had the opportunity to sign up to be a founding member for Mr. Porter when it was starting out. I didn't because I didn't want to be inundated with...
Ask for more than you want. I've never heard of someone not getting hired because they wanted too much money. I have heard of people turning down jobs because the employer wasn't willing to pay enough. FYI $65/hr is 130k per year assuming basic work week. It's much easier to ask for money up front as opposed to asking for a raise later.
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