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What are you talking about? These are atrocious.
Pierce, that Mustang III is greasy, but I mean that in a good way. Respect.
I was under the impression that if you have decent car insurance then generally you are covered when you rent a car and you don't need additional coverage. Can anyone weigh in here? I always waive insurance but I have decent coverage, a big umbrella, and AAA to boot. I've never actually reviewed my policy, tho.
As a broke college student, I never would have believed this. But it's definitely true.
You ever seen the back of a twenty dollar bill...on tweed?!
I might be way off base here, but I think women are much more impressed when you wear a suit. I find odd jackets and trousers done well are incredibly impressive when done well, but I think most women are none the wiser. So I guess it depends on why you dress the way you do. If it's to be the envy of SF poasters in WAYWT forum, then odd jackets/trousers. If it's to impress women (or anyone you are trying to gain favor from, like clients), then suits are the more...
They probably heard Tweedy on Styleforum was killing it so wanted to step in and steal a piece of the action.
Calvin Klein Collection on MyHabit with a lot of basic suits in a wide array of sizes for pretty good prices. I picked up a charcoal and a tux.
Investment pieces? Stocks, not stockings homie.
So is there a Jos. A Bank pop-up shop then?
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