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Why doesn't someone just start a thread for TBS codes?
Also, I saw the Altima on a commercial the other day and I actually said to me wife, "That is the definition of the most boring car ever. Totally uninspired." And I would stand by that statement. I just don't know why people would buy that car. Talking about the new 4 door here. In the late 90's, I think it was actually a decent looking car. Now it's just a blocky mess.
If they're gonna look at Camry, might as well have them look at the Venza while they are at the Toyota dealership. In my opinion, the Venza is a great looking car (realize I might catch some criticism for this). But I really like the look of the car and think of it as the one "crossover" that seems to actually make sense. Personally, I wouldn't drive it, but I would buy it for my wife.
Agreed that this is a very good thread. I think you should really crunch some numbers to find out how much you would owe in mileage overages if you kept driving at the current rate when the lease is up versus the transaction costs associated with getting another car. Depending on how your lease is structured, you may not be better off switching. Also, in my opinion buying CPO is always a huge markup given the prices at which you can buy from a private sale. Personally,...
I can't imagine spending ~60k on a Camaro unless it was a Yenko. That is just stupid (not saying you're stupid, saying that the pricing is stupid). There are so many cars you can get for the same money or less. For example: Brand new RR Sport (as we move into Sep/Oct these can be had for ~55k, or at least they could be 1 yr ago). Porsche 911 997.2 Carrera 2S. Hovering right around 60k for 25k mile examples. Clubs will fill up backseat, but should fit. 997.1 C2S can...
People here have mentioned Harold's in Chicago and in my opinion that is completely dependent on the location. Overall, nothing all that special about it, though. Not that it's bad. But not necessarily all that great. Even when fried chicken isn't that great, it's still good. Good Popeye's is a real treat, and that hasn't been mentioned here. The key is finding a good franchise location. Some of their locations suck. But when it's good, it's some of the best. ...
I actually like the NY plates that are orangish-yellow and black. I also really like those really simple plates from Delaware.
Not my plates. Previous owner's before we removed them. No longer valid registration. Good looking out, though.
Ocean Blue Metallic is the color according to Porsche. It's just a tad lighter than their navy, which they call Midnight Blue. But it's not as light as Iris Blue (which has hints of purple). And then lighter than that would be Zenith Blue.
Just picked this up. 97 993 C2S. 32.5k miles. Bone stock.
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