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Some of the trousers on their website were marked as having a 37" unfinished outseam. That can't possibly be right, can it?
these still available?
Die Workwear! just did a post on Thom Sweeney. Seems intriguing. http://dieworkwear.com/post/14266393345/to-be-modern-and-british-thom-sweeney
In Vigilant's defense, sometimes sales people are snooty about this or pretend they don't know. Usually they will be candid about it if it's a Sales Associate you have bought a lot of stuff from. Also, Saks does mailers FYI. I know they were doing some 40 or 50% off in the AM on the 26th, but I am not sure when it will apply for good.
I'd like to hear more opinions on Neil quality as well. Some of his stuff on sale at Nordstrom in Chicago currently.
Furosemide...ever gonna do those fit pics from Zeglio?
How much cheaper is Chan (if at all) if you are actually in HK?
Gifts for others: I have bought key knives from Garrett Wade in the past and they have usually been a hit. Don't give them to someone who travels too much as they will likely have to give it up at the airport. http://www.garrettwade.com/key-knife/p/02B05.01/ Engraved Zippos are a good idea I think. Used Zippos work fine for this. You can obviously get personal here (or funny, as in engraving something like "Person's Name: A Real Fireball") Folding combs make good...
Bumping this for the holiday season. Anyone seen any cool watches for women lately?
Anyone here have ownership experience with a RUF Porsche? More / less problematic than a standard Porsche? Considering picking up a used Porsche, and have always appreciated the RUF modifications as well as the simple minimal aesthetic.
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