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Lots of accessories (scarves, gloves, hats) and ties on sale at Neiman Marcus (Mich Ave). A lot of the ties were great, prices ranging from $50-$120 i I recall correctly. There were a lot of cool ties there, some in house brand, but Kiton and Brioni and the like as well.
Thanks CY. What happens if you polish shoes with the wrong shade? In this example, could I turn the grey into black? It seems possible, but I dunno. In a more extreme example, could you turn brown dress shoes black with polish alone?
Ordered this cardigan and clicked purchase 2x. So in case you were wondering, yes that actually happens where you will get double billed / two items if you spaz out on your mouse. So get this cardigan at a discount and get it off my hands. Anyway, the Stark gets a lot of coverage here on SF and this one is a great color. A true maroon (SNS also makes a "burgundy" color in some knits which is really more red than anything). It is a slim fit and has enough sleeve length...
Absolutely ancient thread to bump, but how does one go about keeping the charcoal tone of the shoe when polishing? Is there grey polish? EDIT: Nevermind, searching for "gray" instead of "grey" yielded a recommendation. http://www.styleforum.net/t/175881/caring-for-gray-shoes
Actually been thinking a lot about Burma. My good friend spent 2 weeks there and said it was amazing.
Good suggestion, but my wife and I already did all of Route 66 and Texas this year. And did Grand Canyon last year. Then did California Coast and back across from SF to SLC to Denver to Omaha to Chicago. Really an awesome trip and would def recommend Route 66 and Texas to anyone (American or otherwise).
Play a competitive sport (at a serious level if at all possible).
All, I have a first world problem. I am on paid leave from work and don't have to be back at work until March 5. I want to go somewhere, but I will be travelling solo since my wife is a doctor in residency and can't get time off short notice. Anyway, I would love to hear some suggestions. I have been to Barcelona, Helsinki, Paris, and Thailand in the past year, so not really looking to go back to those places as of yet. I was considering: Vietnam Korea Taking the...
Some of the trousers on their website were marked as having a 37" unfinished outseam. That can't possibly be right, can it?
these still available?
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