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How much cheaper is Chan (if at all) if you are actually in HK?
Gifts for others: I have bought key knives from Garrett Wade in the past and they have usually been a hit. Don't give them to someone who travels too much as they will likely have to give it up at the airport. http://www.garrettwade.com/key-knife/p/02B05.01/ Engraved Zippos are a good idea I think. Used Zippos work fine for this. You can obviously get personal here (or funny, as in engraving something like "Person's Name: A Real Fireball") Folding combs make good...
Bumping this for the holiday season. Anyone seen any cool watches for women lately?
Anyone here have ownership experience with a RUF Porsche? More / less problematic than a standard Porsche? Considering picking up a used Porsche, and have always appreciated the RUF modifications as well as the simple minimal aesthetic.
What's Sid's deal with in house tailoring? If you buy their blazer in store, do they do alterations there (bring in sides, adjust sleeves)? Debating buying a blazer from there, but kinda hesitant to do it online. Seems like it should be saved for an in store visit.
Anyone have any insight into how the Sid blazers fit off the rack? I know it's supposedly a slim fit, and cut a tad on the short side, but is there a brand whose fit is comparable? Just how slim is what I am trying to find out. Thanks in advance.
Mariano Rubinacci dress shirt expressly made for Louis, Boston. Fabric feels amazing. White with pink and subtle green stripes. Pink are the dominant stripes. Size 15.5 / 39. Single button, angled cuffs. 100% cotton. pit to pit: 21.25" shoulder to cuff: 24" shoulder to shoulder: 19.25" Bottom of collar to bottom of hem: 31.25" I am just too skinny for this shirt (6'2.5" 155 lbs) so out it goes. Price is OBO shipped CONUS.
I ordered these maybe 3 years ago and have worn them, but ultimately they are just not the right size for me. I am almost always a 12.5 and thus custom ordered these in 12.5, but these fit more like a true 12 or even 11.5 (especially when wearing winter socks). As a result, I could never wear them for too long of a period and they largely just sit in my closet. Figured they should go to someone who will actually wear them and would like to get them out before winter...
I'll throw my hat into the ring on this one by talking about some brands that people should look into. For what it's worth, my measurements are: 38L 32 waist 33 inseam 15.5 neck 35 sleeve 155 lbs Sweaters: Often a hard thing to find for the tall, thin man. Someone mentioned either on this thread or on the www.styleforum.net/t/134832/rules-for-the-tall-and-skinny-man/ thread that European brands tend to work better, and I would agree. H&M mediums fit quite well despite...
button fly or zippered?
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