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With gnatty8 on this one. I don't know what's lamer, drag racing on public roads as a middle aged man, or drag racing on public roads as a middle aged man and then posting about it on internet message boards. Wait I know.
Man, I feel like this thread should get back to hating on McNairy. Honestly, everything about that guy irks me. He is bombing WWM. His own line is derivative of most things #menswear. He just style jacks from every blog out there and then the bloggers end up worshiping him b/c they feel validated for their opinions (many of which are genuinely stupid and should be on the cutting room floor). It's this terrible feedback loop. FWIW, I like a lot of bloggers, #menswear,...
For anyone in Chicago, I popped into the Mich Ave Neiman Marcus last night and there was a really nice, staple, blue, 2 button, double vented suit by ISAIA for ~1300 marked down from 2900 in a 38R. I didn't check out other sizes but I would've scooped it if I didn't already have a really nice navy suit that was basically the exact same thing. Also, they have a lot of ties in there and I went up to the NM at Northbrook and their tie selection is good as well (lot of Kiton...
look at the cars in the garage (and the garage too for that matter) in this condo unit for sale in Chicago:
What are you talking about? These are atrocious.
Pierce, that Mustang III is greasy, but I mean that in a good way. Respect.
I was under the impression that if you have decent car insurance then generally you are covered when you rent a car and you don't need additional coverage. Can anyone weigh in here? I always waive insurance but I have decent coverage, a big umbrella, and AAA to boot. I've never actually reviewed my policy, tho.
As a broke college student, I never would have believed this. But it's definitely true.
You ever seen the back of a twenty dollar bill...on tweed?!
I might be way off base here, but I think women are much more impressed when you wear a suit. I find odd jackets and trousers done well are incredibly impressive when done well, but I think most women are none the wiser. So I guess it depends on why you dress the way you do. If it's to be the envy of SF poasters in WAYWT forum, then odd jackets/trousers. If it's to impress women (or anyone you are trying to gain favor from, like clients), then suits are the more...
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