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Barney's sale is normally in June. Sometimes begins as early as late May.
Thanks for the link Philo. Did not know all those makers had factory stores in Northampton.
FYI I never got this number or e-mail either. I even called / e-mailed one of their stores in London and no one got back with me.
FYI Haberdash in Chicago has the Dunkled in stock. They are carrying blue as well as tan/beige. I believe the price was ~$670.
Sorry, kind of a dumb question...is the pre-sale a sale that requires a code? And is it a pre-sale b/c a sale to the general public starts afterwards? I am just wondering b/c there are a couple things I was thinking about picking up at RL but figured if they're gonna have a sale in a few weeks, I would just wait. Thanks in advance.
College, if done properly, is not about getting you a great paying job when you graduate.
Anyone know if sleeves can be let out on a Mackintosh? Thanks in advance.
Insight: get a new tailor.
Anyone else have experience here? When people say a 38 is slim even for a 38, are they talking that it's slim in the chest / shoulders / what? I tend to wear things slim and normally wear a 38 but not sure if I should go 40. No one stocks the dunkeld in Chicago. Thanks in advance for the input.
Is it marked 38? Just confused why it says 36/38. Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: