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Being a Luddite helps if your job is ticking you off.
The sizing on their webstore is extremely confusing to me. They say a 46 European is equivalent to an 11.5 US and an 11 UK? Also, what size are they using? It's not indicated if they are sizing in US or UK.
FYI, I heard about this burger http://www.holeman-finch.com/burger.html and I am gonna try to get my hands on it, despite its scarcity. Also, might try Fresh Air BBQ or Old Clinton BBQ on the way to Savannah. If anyone has input on those, I'd like to hear. Agree, it's good to know that Fat Matt's isn't that great. The Yelp reviews made me iffy on it. Can anyone say whether or not the Dreamland locations in surrounding ATL are as good as the real deal in Tuscaloosa? ...
Can anyone weigh in on where to eat in Nashville? Considering Arnold's, Loveless, Prince's Chicken Shack. Also, anyone ever eaten at Mary Mac's Tea Room in ATL? Any other noteworthy BBQ other than Harold's and Fatt Matt's?
Epaulet Shop in Brooklyn is now carrying Carmina. You can order from their website.
Actually, I think clothes now are cheaper than they ever have been. Feel free to correct me on this, but my understanding is that clothing used to cost a lot more (relative to total income). Of course, people had way fewer items of clothing. But think about how many more things are competing for your money now (cell phone, cable, internet, etc. etc.), and also think about globalization and the impact that has had on pushing down the costs of many goods.
There is very little love on SF for Z Zegna, but I think that's kind of dumb. While it's true that Zegna construction is not great, this is StyleForum not QualityofConstrurctionForum. And Zegna cuts are very stylish and particularly great if you have a trim figure. However, as others have indicated, Z Zegna (like almost everything) goes on sale. I have picked up a Z Zegna suit for $400 on sale. However, I would say that there is just less Zegna out in the world, which...
Good to know actually. I was pretty surprised at how blobby they looked on their pictures. I have seen them in real life and never thought them blobby, so I dunno what their stylist did. It looks like they must have used like a size 7 double wide or something.
Am I better off putting this question in the ask a tailor threads?
All, I recently bought a blue blazer that I really like, fits me well, would like to keep, etc. The only problem is the sleeve length. It's slightly too short for me. It needs to be let out about 3/4" to 1" (there is enough fabric to let out). Currently, the sleeves have 4 kissing buttons that are non-functioning. It does have faux button holes sewn around the buttons (see pics) which are .5" apart. The distance from last button to end of cuff is approx. 1.25" (hard...
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