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SnowKING your posts are so bad. Come on, at least make an effort to contribute something of worth to the forum.
Some alligator watch straps in various colors on sale on brooksbrothers.com. Couple of them are big, but in general, pretty good price for gator.
I will say I recently bought nice light fixtures and there is a world of improvement over the other lights I used to have. I think that nice lights are worth spending on. That said, I also think it is worthwhile to check out the fixtures in person so you can see the kind of light they give off and how they function (how the switch works, etc.) if possible.
No I didn't pay. The whole point of my post is that I was too hesitant to pay for fear of potential lack of delivery. I certainly don't think Hughes is trying to fleece people. I think it's just a different standard of communication, customer service, and logistics than we are used to in this day and age.
I had contacted Hughes maybe 6 months ago? His initial response was speedy and I was optimistic about getting a wallet from him. But as communication became more laggy / infrequent, I became more and more doubtful that he would deliver on his promise. I wasn't willing to throw away a couple hundred dollars and potentially never receive my commission so ultimately decided against it (especially when you consider how fraught with danger sending animal skins thru customs...
I am picturing Bubbles selling these out of a shopping cart down on Wall St or out in Greenwich, CT.
Probably gypsies trying to steal your wallet.
Bloomingdale's friends and family going on. They sent me something in the mail. I think it already started. You can use code FRIENDS for 20% off.
Good pt. I am actually thinking about the high backed lounge chair which isn't actually made any more, so that has been part of the influence leading me down the vintage route.
What are the best methods of getting designer furniture on sale? I am looking to get a Platner chair, but don't wanna pay full retail and would be willing to buy used. Are there any venues for buying second hand design furniture online other than the usual suspects (eBay, Craigslist)?
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