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Ask for more than you want. I've never heard of someone not getting hired because they wanted too much money. I have heard of people turning down jobs because the employer wasn't willing to pay enough. FYI $65/hr is 130k per year assuming basic work week. It's much easier to ask for money up front as opposed to asking for a raise later.
Agreed on being able to find 2001-02 M3 for ~15k if you're patient. Saw one recently for 15.5 and I was blown away that they were listed that low already. That is one of the best looking cars of that era. I think it will be a classic.
1. 1989 Jeep Cherokee w/ 220k on it (got it in 2000) 2. 1997 VW Passat GLX VR6 (got in 2002 but was shared with brother) 3. 1973 Plymouth Barracuda, 'Cuda package, AAR paint, Crager mags, rear air lift suspension (got in 2002) 4. *2004 VW Jetta (acquired via marriage to wife in 2007) 5. *1997 Porsche 911 Carrera 2S (bought in 2012) *still have
Blows my mind that a 335 is 55k if you want decent options on it. Seems like a ripoff to me.I did my first substantial car buy this past year at 28 (97 911 C2S). I wouldn't say it is a luxury car, though.
Got a postcard in the mail. Brooks Bros will have their 30% off with corporate card (just the membership card, not a credit card) next Thursday October 18. It said some exclusions may apply, but didn't list what they might be.
Nice Mopar. Used to have a 73 'Cuda.
$365 is absurd for Johston & Murphy. Heck, $3.65 is ridiculous for em as well. If at all possible, return. Meermin, Shipton & Heneage, AE, high end used off eBay, go to Nordstrom Rack. Plenty of options in the $200 - $350 category. You can prob even scoop Aldens on a J Crew 20% off day for that kind of money.
In general, it's a matter of luck. Being quick with numbers, having the capacity to handle stress, and graduating from a good university in a technical background are what most places look for. But you don't need to have any sort of financial licensing to be a prop trader.
I really like the new Ford Escape. I saw one this morning on the way into work. I think it's a cool looking car for the masses. I also really like the Buick Regal Turbo. I would like to drive that thing some time. I feel like it would be fun to thrash around in. It looks great in black with the big gunmetal factory wheels.
so much win/fail on this page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/People-of-the-CTA/117122591631236
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