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BRG is cool. There are way too many cars in my garage that are various shades of silver. On a proper car, BRG is timeless. Somewhat surprised that the Japanese don't like it.
Anyone have a k40 radar detector? Reflections?
I was pretty astounded by this. Why are they beating him? He is unconscious and possibly dead. Kinda disproves someone's earlier insinuation in this thread that cops are good people.
^ I didn't know how low car loans were. Good pt. Car, house, education. Really the only things that can be justified to finance. But I do think you should go for pretty decent size down payments as yield is hard to find right now.
While some of you may hate on the OP, I can sympathize. I can't stand how difficult dealerships make it to test drive a car. If I am going to be spending the next 5 years in this thing, I wanna be intimately familiar with it. That includes matters of ergonomics, performance, cabin noise, space, etc. Some of these things cannot be ascertained properly without spending a decent amount of time in the car. In my opinion, it's really best to borrow a friend's car to figure...
So there is a homeless woman who gets to the station at about the same time I do on a semi-regular basis. Why she is getting to the subway at 7 AM on a regular basis is beyond me as clearly she has no obligation to be in any particular place, especially at 7 AM (maybe she is just there all the time, I dunno). Anyway, she smokes old cigarette butts down at the end of the station and tries to hide behind a pillar, but obviously the entire place fills up with cigarette smoke.
I have seen a few Samuelsohn suits and sportcoats at The Rack in Chicago as of late.
He means Haberdash, which is a brick and mortar men's clothing store in Chicago. You can call and order from them, though. And yes, they do stock it. I found that out a little after posting this, but thank you very much for the heads up.
This is what I said. But what do I know? I'm merely a professional trader.Seriously, they already have the infrastructure / low latency networks that you'll need and many should be able to put you on a 50 / 50 split. And even if they don't give you 50 / 50 (usually the better prop firms give you less of a % because they are dedicating more to resources / developers / infrastructure), you should still beat out the 2 / 20 because the 2 won't be jack and you should get at...
Wow, lot's of Orlando people on here. Do you guys work for Lou Pearlman aka Incognito Johnson? But seriously, Nordstrom Rack has gone downhill everywhere accordingly with their massive expansion over the last 3 years. There used to be a handful which would get some of the choicest things from across the country, but as the number of stores have grown, the gems are diluted accordingly. Still a good spot for shoe trees, the occasional pocket square, AE's on the cheap,...
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