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Kinda sad that this hickey stuff is still on Gilt like 2 years after the company went under. Gilt just needs to unload that stuff already. A testament to what Gilt has become, though.
100k for a Mini?
Yes, I read on Bloomberg a couple years ago that the 5 series costs a couple % more to make than the 3 series, but sells for a price that is some 50% higher and contributes to a gigantic chunk of BMWs bottom line.
I don't look at the RS5 and think $75k car. But I don't think of the M3 that way either. This type of car has really seemed to outpace inflation for the past couple years. I think the import companies are trying to milk more $ out of the American market, where cars are notoriously cheap relative to the rest of the world. However, I am totally unaware if the M3 has gone up in price in other markets at the same rate. Porsche seems to have its pricing irregularities too....
might have been referenced here before, but I can't recall... For those of you that like classic, sporty cars, checkout motoringconbrio.com. Their assorted grab bags are awesome.
The outlaw 356s are awesomehttp://coldtrackdays.blogspot.com/2009/07/build-thread-porsche-356-outlaw.html
Cool. Thanks A Y. Unreal how much better the Volvo is compared to Lexus.
^ sorry, that is a terrible analogy
Sorry, should have clarified. I would get the supercharged for a dream garage. Back to reality, I would just get the regular RRS and considered it but ultimately ended up getting the 993.
There was a pretty good interview with the creator / lead designer of the first Viper in Esquire last month. There were some interesting back stories on the car. Also, yes the RRS is similar to the LR4, but it's also priced about the same and the RRS is significantly better looking. Also, the regular RR is a great car, but it is not double the car of the RRS, but it is basically double the money. The RR is for people that are pretty insensitive to price. I am not one...
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