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Davek umbrellas. 20% off Cyber Monday orders over 49.99 with code CYBER34.
That ring is boss. Nice work all around.
I am sure you could do some miserable operations job at a financial firm (trade support, etc.). Don't do this. You are better off being an engineer and at least having future prospects. Most miserable finance jobs are dead end jobs that a trained monkey could do. Arguably, a trained monkey could be a trader as well, but I digress...F the CFA. It's awesome, but it won't break down doors for you. You will prob end up going door to door for Edward Jones. A top tier MBA...
These shoes are objectively ugly, are they not? A man with style probably progresses thru shoes this way: AE --> C&J, AS --> Lobb, EG A man without style likely steps up his spending (can't call it progressing) as follows: Steve Madden w/ a RVCA shirt --> Mark Nason w/ a 7 Diamond shirt --> Bettanin & Venturi w/ a Robert Graham shirt
Hans Wegner Valet Chair http://www.dwell.com/articles/This-Way-Gentlemen-Masculine-Design.html http://www.pp.dk/index.php?page=collection&cat=1&id=31
Bought a down coat for my wife last year. Handles the Chicago winters very well. Keeps out the moisture. Also, very lightweight given how warm it is. Wife is a big fan of it.
This had me laughing out loud. Sig worthy.
Oompa loompa glory hole?
Right, and they will continue to drive pleb cars because it's a matter of choice. I know plenty of people who do the same. I do not envision them making the jump to a Phantom even though they could afford to do so.Statistical aberrations do not undermine my statement that I doubt he would go to a Bentley GTC. Anomalies are not strong evidence to refute my doubts.Saw one on Martha's Vineyard this summer. Simply awesome car. Most people won't know it's 100k, which I...
Ovadia & Sons off the rack stuff is slim fit and low rise. Pretty sure they have MTM as well. NYC only for that, though, as far as I know.
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