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Throwout bearing went bad in my M3. Was a $1350 repair job.
Is soft retail a leading indicator? My thinking was always that retail spending was not predictive. In '08, you didn't see the massive sales until November, after the market had already crapped out and the bailouts, TARP, etc. were happening. The mortgage market was getting bad in early '07. Mortgage related companies started to tumble then. Banks didn't start to blow out until early '08 (Bear Stearns), Lehman not til the summer, Merrill the fall.
Just to be clear, housing is only a function of foreign money in certain markets. But by and large, housing has been a function of easy money for the last 7 years. Monetary policy in the United States (and abroad) is decimating people who save cash and rewarding people with risk based assets (stocks, cars, art, housing, etc.).Cheap money means people can buy far more house with a fairly low monthly mortgage. Go try and buy a house. See what kind of luck you have in this...
Retail is bad right now. Most retail earnings have been horrendous. Lots of excuses in the earnings reports (Amazon competition, weather, etc.), but it remains a very difficult landscape right now. I agree with you, retail makes it seem like things are recessionary. And yet, at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, the government economic statistics are "good."
It's like they just couldn't resist the pun, regardless of how bad the business proposition was.
Never heard of it. Really an awful looking redesign. So awful. Is there any taste in the Middle Eastern car market at all? That is a serious question. All the highly covered media indicates no, but I have only spent limited time in London where a lot of it is taking place and literally no time in the entirety of the Middle East.
ebates doing 15% off a lot of places right now for their anniversary. pretty good kicker.
I was in Scoop NYC this weekend (the Rush St location in Chicago) and they said all their stores are closing. Discounts were pretty whack thus far and everything was final sale, but who knows? Could get good for you or your lady.
Carson Street customer service was meh to me. They fcked up my order 2 out of 3 times I ordered online from there, sending me the wrong stuff. They indeed had good stuff and a good store. But when I went in (only twice), I got the sense it was like a bar where the bartenders' friends are hanging out, hoping to score free drinks and distracting them from their actual jobs. Maybe too much of a scene. Maybe I am an old man, idk.
New Posts  All Forums: