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@ramuman I actually don't think people in this thread are crapping on Teslas. No one is saying they aren't cool pieces of engineering. They are, however, offering valid counterpoints as to why Tesla may not live up to the hype or why it faces a lot of hurdles going forward. Personally, I think Teslas are another blobby car. They do nothing for me. I don't really care that much if people love them or hate them though. It's not much of a concern of mine. Not really anything...
The entire country of India would be evidence that no, honking does not decrease stupid driving behavior.
Looks like some whisper info on an Apple car coming to Motor Trend tomorrow.
It is a car company. It's not that revolutionary.
TSLA trades at something like 150x projected 2016 earnings. Maybe they trade like 20x to 2018 projected earnings or something like that. Most car companies trade like 5x (current) earnings. You could buy Fiat Chrysler, Porsche, Mazda, and Ferrari together for less than TSLA. Tulipmania.
@ramuman, I am curious about a couple things. These questions are serious, by the way. Why do you feel the need to blindly defend Tesla / Musk to no end? Do you see both sides of that coin? How much time did you spend doing critical thinking in your engineering program? This thread makes it seem like you fail to see any of the downsides of the company, the leader, the product. Is that true?
Looks like Gulf livery to me. What a shame.
I agree that it looks really weird. Saw a white one on the street on Friday and I didn't like it. Egg is a great description @whiteslashasianBtw, how many Tesla drivers actually floor their cars? I feel like acceleration is one of the key selling points of electric and yet I never see Teslas zipping down on ramps or off dead stops. I do see that with other high performance cars (being driven hard). Maybe it's just that it has the ability but most Tesla drivers aren't...
RDX is pretty good bang for buck. Quite roomy too. I don't like Acura styling, but if people are looking for practical luxury, then I think it does the trick. TSX wagon is too ugly.
New Posts  All Forums: