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Probably gypsies trying to steal your wallet.
Bloomingdale's friends and family going on. They sent me something in the mail. I think it already started. You can use code FRIENDS for 20% off.
Good pt. I am actually thinking about the high backed lounge chair which isn't actually made any more, so that has been part of the influence leading me down the vintage route.
What are the best methods of getting designer furniture on sale? I am looking to get a Platner chair, but don't wanna pay full retail and would be willing to buy used. Are there any venues for buying second hand design furniture online other than the usual suspects (eBay, Craigslist)?
Hey guys, hickey on Gilt....AGAIN. Seriously how much excess hickey supply is there? Company has been out of biz for what? Like 2 years?
Yeah, sorry. I couldn't figure out to embed with the video starting at the appropriate time.
Bumping this thread for a laugh.
Yeah, the point of the piece in the documentary was that buses can be incredibly efficient if designed from the ground up. They were basically like trains on tires. Had their own dedicated road. Had their own dedicated stops. Buses had much larger doors to accommodate a greater # of people getting on and off at one time. They didn't have to lean down for old people b/c the stops were elevated and the entrance to the bus was at curb level with no steps to go up or...
For many people, this would make taxis cheaper than public transit and you would no longer have the critical mass necessary to support public trans.Did any of you guys see the documentary Urbanized? I believe it's on NFLX instant. There was a really interesting segment about the debate to build a subway / lite-rail in Bogota, Colombia, IIRC. Anyway, they basically concluded that buses were more efficient if appropriately planned out. Pretty interesting.
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