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On the topic of new car buying, has anyone used TrueCar? I downloaded the app the other day since my wife is starting to look at SUVs and wants to buy by the summer. I am a trader and have seen the stock and options pretty heavily traded as of late (they just released earnings this past week) so it got me reading about it. So, I have only heard about things from the financial side. Was wondering if people ever had used it to buy a new car / lock in a good price? It seems...
Yeah, I think I will just keep the SMG as is and maybe just get a manual somewhere down the road. Like when those Cayman GT4s have depreciated. Cayman GTS is pretty sweet too.
In cars we drive news, I took my e46 to another mechanic after that ridiculous quote for the SMG pump replacement. He switched out the relay for the unit (which I suggested to the first mechanic) and ran all the diagnostics and said that fixed it. Relay part and labor was about $20 versus the original $4700 quote from the first mechanic. Pretty good savings. I now feel $4k richer somehow.
337 Last? I don't think 347 is a last they do. Just trying to clarify.
Drake's / Armoury sample sale in NYC. I don't have details but discussed in the Official Sales Alert thread. Pics made it look pretty groovy.
Congrats dude. Devastating to what cars you'll be able to drive for the foreseeable future, but congrats nonetheless.
Well 488 will ultimately attract status buyers and GT4 will attract driver buyers. So from a drivers' perspective, I think the GT4 is more important. That car will shine, but I bet we will all ooh and ahh a lot more when a 488 rolls past.
@Piobaire, your general combative nature and nitpicking over word choice often causes me to drop out of / never enter into certain conversations or threads because I don't find it worth the headache. I imagine most people are set in their ways and I don't really expect a change, but maybe it's good for you to know that I don't appear to be the only one who finds that sort of behavior agitating and repetitive.
I think the bigger concern for me is the longhaul health of turbo cars. Turbos seem to put strain on an engine and it's just one more thing to go wrong. Often, replacing and removing turbos is no easy feat, sometimes requiring total engine removal. I just feel like these cars could be maintenance nightmares down the road. An older, normally aspirated car only has so much that can go wrong with it.
@TimelesStyle The volvo was in electric blue and it was the V60 so the wagon, not the sedan (S60). The productions are pretty limited. I think the only color options are either electric blue or black.
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