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Trichotillomania all the way.
During the financial crisis there were nice examples of Dino's going for like 80-120. I seriously considered getting one but ultimately didn't pull the trigger. S&P would have been a good buy too, though, I suppose.
You want a turbo s cab? Please don't get a cab. Please get a hard top.Anyway, GT3 engine is it's own thing if I am not mistaken.You're probably having a hard time tracking one down because they're rare. They just don't make many Turbo S models. All those premo models are pretty limited runs. Turbo S, GT2, GT3. Porsche sells hardly any 911s when compared to the rest of their product line (Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan). It is shockingly low on a global scale when compared...
With the recent acquisition of the M3, might end up getting rid of the 993. Will be sad to see it go if I do sell it, but I really don't need 1 car, let alone 2 rather impractical sports cars.
I will be the first to admit that ZCP is pretty stupid. Some people try to act like it is a CSL lite or something, but it isn't. That said, when it comes to matters of collect-ability, rarity is probably more important than anything. And aesthetics play big role. In my opinion, Interlagos Blue is a great color. And in my opinion, those BBS wheels that were exclusive to the ZCP are the best looking of the bunch. But from a performance perspective? Basically the same car....
Picked up an E46 M3 recently. I saw some discussions re: future value, depreciation, value retention, etc. I am really not sure. I couldn't figure out if I really thought they were gonna be a collector car or not. As someone stated before, if there are 80k or so of them, then that makes it difficult. 1M is probably a better bet. Anyway, the fact of the matter was that E46 M3 is a great car and it just got so dollar cheap that even if it declined in value by 50% I wouldn't...
I don't think anyone has mentioned it, but I have really enjoyed An Idiot Abroad lately. Karl Pilkington is actually awesome and his perspective shuffles from absurd, to hilarious, to incredibly insightful. I laugh out loud during every episode.
Hadn't peeked around this thread in awhile and it appeared no one spoke up to answer this question so I will weigh in.The white polo is somewhat sheer, but not absurdly so. If you were wearing an undershirt, people would be able to see its outline. As a result, I do not wear undershirts when I wear the white polo. It isn't so sheer that your nips or chest hair would be visible though.It's a good shirt and for me is still bright white even after a number of cycles thru the...
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