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I picked up a pair of Boggi Milano chinos when I was in Europe a few weeks ago for business. Very slim fit, similar to Incotex's slim fit, although hemmed unlike Incotex. Anyway, a decent value at around $80. Idk if they have a webstore.
SQ5 is pretty awesome. Lot of bang for your buck there when comparing to the other higher end SUVs.Macan drives better, but Porsches that are well optioned can really cost you an arm and a leg.Agreed. The Mas is hideous.
built in douche
10 fold is probably a conservative estimate. It has ~350 million viewers a week. My only point is that there is no way she would get that kind of exposure elsewhere. Personally I don't care what she does or doesn't do with the exposure, but it does have value and it's probably worth trading a slight insult for.I agree that Clarkson is a human dildo. My only point being that I don't think Sabine can be too offended in that I thought she was 1.) portrayed in a very positive...
Not defending Clarkson in any way here, but I will say that I think Sabine got way more exposure via Top Gear than she would have gotten anywhere else. Probably increased her fame / brand 10 fold if not more.
I went to Diehl & Diehl on the rec of a number of threads in this forum. Really nice store. Picked up a few things on sale (end of the sale season here). Hahner an der Oper (aka Willi Hahner) was also pretty nice http://www.yelp.com/biz/hahner-an-der-oper-j%C3%BCrgen-hahner-frankfurt-am-main These places had nice accessories like Magli umbrellas, fancy socks. Diehl & Diehl had an incredible shoe selection. As you walk along Zeil, there are a lot of stores as well,...
Currently in Frankfurt for work and I am astounded at how many people drive relatively nice cars on steelies here. I have also seen a few SLS AMG's, RS4 and RS6 Avants, and 911s just parked on the street. Given the number of bankers in this town, I am surprised at the paucity of Range Rovers.
On the topic of new car buying, has anyone used TrueCar? I downloaded the app the other day since my wife is starting to look at SUVs and wants to buy by the summer. I am a trader and have seen the stock and options pretty heavily traded as of late (they just released earnings this past week) so it got me reading about it. So, I have only heard about things from the financial side. Was wondering if people ever had used it to buy a new car / lock in a good price? It seems...
Yeah, I think I will just keep the SMG as is and maybe just get a manual somewhere down the road. Like when those Cayman GT4s have depreciated. Cayman GTS is pretty sweet too.
In cars we drive news, I took my e46 to another mechanic after that ridiculous quote for the SMG pump replacement. He switched out the relay for the unit (which I suggested to the first mechanic) and ran all the diagnostics and said that fixed it. Relay part and labor was about $20 versus the original $4700 quote from the first mechanic. Pretty good savings. I now feel $4k richer somehow.
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