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Not the right thread but someone plz buy these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/221525336168
Have heard a lot of positives on Mazda 3 for driving mechanics. Someone recently told me they were debating between a 5 series and a Mazda 6, so that is a pretty big compliment.
No argument there.Cuz you won't shut up about it.
It's a sedan. You guys are fawning and you should be yawning.
Yeah, the dude needs to chill with Kazakh tip sipping.
What about a 355? Pretty dollar cheap. Beautiful car. Of course, not the performance you'll get from a 360 or 430.Comes in targa, hardtop, or convertible.
BMW i8 looks like a horrible mix between a Mitsubishi Eclipse, Subaru BRZ, and a Hyundai Tiburon.
Great deals. Sadly 1 hr later and all the pocket squares are already gone.
Can anyone comment on fit of Wildsmith? Looking specifically at the Bloomsbury loafer. Reference in relation to Edward Green would be helpful. Thanks in advance. (please specify lasts when applicable and whether you are talking about loafers or laceups).
Incotex on East Dane as well.
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