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Got the new v2 sneakers in the mail today. I'm pleased. Not quite as substantial as the pairs of Svensson or Bally sneakers I have (which are similar), but priced way better and all around a very pleasing shoe.
Meh, I dunno. Sometimes you gotta send a message. If the consequences in the US were more severe, I am sure people would adhere to the rules and be more considerate. Fear is a strong motivator.
This is not a Joss Whedon fanboi thread. Stop trying to make it one.
The best suiting fabric comes from Europe. There are often very high import duties / tariffs on European made goods so good suiting fabrics are often obnoxiously expensive in Thailand.
My two cents on the black tie conundrum... For a long time I never wore black clothing and I still largely don't. However, I kept hearing the occasional person speak the merits of the plain black tie. So I took a flyer on a black grenadine and a black silk knit. I was surprised at how good they looked with a navy suit against a white shirt w/ a white square. In addition, they also look great against a white shirt under a blue blazer with grey trousers, as well as with...
Yes, direct from the online shop. Looks like they only have their version of GATs left: http://www.svenssonshop.com/product-dlist.asp?catid=16980
Fwiw, I ended up pulling the trigger on their black low top that looks an awful lot like Common Projects Achilles. Anyway, I got their 46 which is a great fit for me. I typically wear a 13 in a Nike or Adidas sneaker, but measure more like a 12.5 on a Brannock and wear dress shoes like a 12 in the Alden Barrie last. Barker Blacks in an 11 UK / US 12 fit me well too. Allen Edmonds 12s are a pretty tight squeeze for me. Prefer Edward Greens in a 12/12.5 as the 11.5/12...
I don't think there is any snark to this. I really second what he's saying. Reading this thread from the beginning brought a me a lot of entertainment. It's in your best interest not to just jump to the conclusion. The mystery and the theories are perhaps the best things about it.
Anyone here have a review of that crocodile leather wallet on the site? Seems like a decent price for a full croc wallet.
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