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Maybe he has shy bladder?
The pocket squares at the State St store were in this clear plastic bowl that was attached to the wall of a column. The ones at the Michigan Ave are interspersed in the men's accessories area (sometimes on the tie tables, sometimes above socks). It's generally a lot of bad, in-house stuff though.
Was at Nordstrom Rack on State St this weekend and saw a couple of decent pieces of outerwear. A simple, mid-blue Herno puffer in a EU 48, a Barbour Bedale or Beaufort in a US 38, and another classic Barbour that was tagged an L. There was also a pretty solid Jack Spade mac raincoat in a M that would be a nice basic, staple for someone. Shoes were kinda meh. Some pretty nice Ermenegildo Zegna pocket squares in linen, but not quite cheap enough imo @ about $39 a piece.
if anyone needs black captoe oxfords, I just put a pair up for sale. http://www.styleforum.net/t/334966/edward-green-11-5-12-d-black-captoe-oxfords-on-202-last
You all know the deal. The creme de la creme brand, Edward Green. Shoes are in good, used condition. No major scuffs or scratches. Soles and heels are in solid condition. A great, all purpose dress shoe that every guy should have in his closet. Black, captoe oxfords with broguing across the cap. Size 11.5 (UK) / 12 (US) as indicated in the picture. I have another pair of black captoe oxfords that I wear more, so I am getting rid of these to make space in my cramped...
I found the comment entertaining, and this typo was particularly endearing.
This is pretty stupid, but a couple things made me laugh out loud: http://www.pagetutor.com/jokebreak/052.html
Anyone ever driven Lotus Evora? Thoughts? Any feelings on whether these things will depreciate like the Exige / Elise?
Sorry Piob, not taking the bait. I don't get in arguments over the internet.
With gnatty8 on this one. I don't know what's lamer, drag racing on public roads as a middle aged man, or drag racing on public roads as a middle aged man and then posting about it on internet message boards. Wait I know.
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