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I would think a woman would rather be in a Miata than a McLaren. see: Russ Hanneman
Oil changes prob run you about $160Maybe steering rack will go bad soon?Your guy did a lot of the typical stuff.Car will prob leak / burn a little oil, wouldn't be too alarmed.Alternator is something I had randomly go.I would ballpark it at $2000 a year in upkeep on average. It will be like 500, 500, 5000, 2000, 500. Something like that.
I believe Haberdash was some attorneys who didn't want to practice any more either.
The car that seems most analogous today to the 8 series of the 90's is the Mercedes SLS (although I think they're done making it).
A bit off topic in this thread, but UA stock is pretty iffy. Tough to value. It is priced like it has tons of growth in it. That may be true. That may not be true. Just do some serious homework on it before you buy it. Personally I would steer clear of it.
Half off some Orlebar Brown swim trunks at Wingtip
Average height in Netherlands I think might be highest in the world. They're a tall crew. Certainly the women.
I know this is out of season, but some pretty good prices on Gran Sasso sweaters on Barneys Warehouse for Memorial Day Sale (additional 50% off a lot of these items). Also decent prices on John Smedley sweaters from Jules B with a pretty good size run and free shipping to US.
Throwout bearing went bad in my M3. Was a $1350 repair job.
Is soft retail a leading indicator? My thinking was always that retail spending was not predictive. In '08, you didn't see the massive sales until November, after the market had already crapped out and the bailouts, TARP, etc. were happening. The mortgage market was getting bad in early '07. Mortgage related companies started to tumble then. Banks didn't start to blow out until early '08 (Bear Stearns), Lehman not til the summer, Merrill the fall.
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