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Can anyone comment on fit of Wildsmith? Looking specifically at the Bloomsbury loafer. Reference in relation to Edward Green would be helpful. Thanks in advance. (please specify lasts when applicable and whether you are talking about loafers or laceups).
Incotex on East Dane as well.
Persols in the Chicago Nordstrom Rack stores (Chicago Ave location for sure). I picked up another pair of 649s. For $80 I couldn't say no even though I already have them and 714s. Also, the Drake's items at East Dane (a streetwear boutique not really repped on MC ever) are pretty darn cheap (scarves and ties). Additional 25% off with some code that is on the site. 25extra maybe? Idk. Anyway, ties are in a more traditional width (9 cm).
New Cayman S looks great if you get the right packages on it. Wheels make a big difference on that thing.
So I have been bingeing on Boss lately and I have a total SF complaint: Kelsey Grammer's character wears both suspenders and a belt. Just another example of government waste.
Trichotillomania all the way.
During the financial crisis there were nice examples of Dino's going for like 80-120. I seriously considered getting one but ultimately didn't pull the trigger. S&P would have been a good buy too, though, I suppose.
You want a turbo s cab? Please don't get a cab. Please get a hard top.Anyway, GT3 engine is it's own thing if I am not mistaken.You're probably having a hard time tracking one down because they're rare. They just don't make many Turbo S models. All those premo models are pretty limited runs. Turbo S, GT2, GT3. Porsche sells hardly any 911s when compared to the rest of their product line (Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan). It is shockingly low on a global scale when compared...
With the recent acquisition of the M3, might end up getting rid of the 993. Will be sad to see it go if I do sell it, but I really don't need 1 car, let alone 2 rather impractical sports cars.
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