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Why doesn't Mazda make an M / AMG / Sti / ST / RS / GTI type of line? I feel like it would do so well. This whole zoom zoom thing is bullsht. Their cars top out at like 180 HP with no turbos or anything. I feel like they would really be a draw in the entry level performance market.
Sometimes the painted lines relative to the bank of the turn don't really make sense. I will occasionally go outside of the lines on banked turns when I feel I have a line that is helping the turn go more smoothly. I don't think the lines are painted with the same level of planning as the design of the turn / exit. I know you're not talking about the turn necessarily and probably indicating a shoulder that is a completely separate structure / chunk of pavement or concrete....
Is that how you wound up like this?
@Thrift Vader just wanna say that even though I don't agree with everything you say or all your opinions, I do appreciate your POV on this thread and the discourse it encourages. Not exactly intellectual discourse, but discourse nonetheless. This thread can be prone to groupthink so it's nice to have a different perspective.
I would think a woman would rather be in a Miata than a McLaren. see: Russ Hanneman
Oil changes prob run you about $160Maybe steering rack will go bad soon?Your guy did a lot of the typical stuff.Car will prob leak / burn a little oil, wouldn't be too alarmed.Alternator is something I had randomly go.I would ballpark it at $2000 a year in upkeep on average. It will be like 500, 500, 5000, 2000, 500. Something like that.
I believe Haberdash was some attorneys who didn't want to practice any more either.
The car that seems most analogous today to the 8 series of the 90's is the Mercedes SLS (although I think they're done making it).
A bit off topic in this thread, but UA stock is pretty iffy. Tough to value. It is priced like it has tons of growth in it. That may be true. That may not be true. Just do some serious homework on it before you buy it. Personally I would steer clear of it.
Half off some Orlebar Brown swim trunks at Wingtip
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