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Fwiw, I tried buying the EG loafers with the 40% off coupon in the Michigan Avenue store and they would not give it to me. Annoying since the exclusions on the card were pretty ambiguous and felt like it was a waste of my time to try and draw me into the store.
They're holding up well. I probably got mine in August? I wear them maybe once a week and I haven't noticed any unnatural degradation of the shoe. I would say they're worth the money. I just don't like the idea of having to maintain sneakers like Common Projects as though they were dress shoes, because frankly, they're not. I am sure some people on this forum will disagree with the lower value on sneakers, so please realize that this is a lot of opinion.As far as...
Should've given that guy some "beets" by Dre AMIRITE?!?! Also, what do you guys think is the optimal jacket for butt scratching? Single or double vented. One would have thought single due to crack proximity, but clearly this man is working it with double.
@Essential Would also like to know what Izzy is referring to...
I would recommend The Wolseley for breakfast / brunch. Solid in every way. Good traditional breakfast as well as a good selection of pastries and hot drinks. Nice atmosphere. A couple blocks from Cleverley IIRC.
Brooks Brothers doing their 3 shirts for 179 thing. Good time to scoop some basics.
Consensus will prob be something along the lines of J Crew Urban Slim Fit or drink some booty sweat in Dockers Alpha Chinos but neither of those worked well for me and ultimately ended up pulling the trigger on Incotex, which is by no means affordable but 2 years of looking left me frustrated.
You already got some decent answers here but I will throw in a bit more. The best place to start is with basics. So just as you're starting w/ a navy and charcoal suit you should start with similarly basic pocket squares as they are often the most versatile. As you may already know, white linen is the best place to start. It looks good almost all the time, especially with classic charcoal and navy suits. Kent is an advocate of the subtle paisley print white square, and...
Sorry, no idea who that is and a simple Google search only points me in the direction of some terrible Latin pop singer.
Fawlty Towers is awesome. I didn't know it was on Netflix streaming. I'll have to revisit some old episodes.
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