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Pretty good prices on some LVC at http://shop.nordstrom.com/
http://www.ovadiaandsons.com/ SALE30 for 30% off. Started today.
Not that I'm aware of. Email didn't indicate as such. Starts Friday.
http://www.atelieronweb.com/eng/news/news/?t=uomo Atelier on Web 30% off FW15 Black Friday thru Cyber Monday. Works for women's as well.
Cross post from SW&D Sales thread and no idea of legitimacy but this place has some pretty good prices on Lobbs, Corthays, G&Gs. http://thestylerush.com/collections/all
http://adequateman.deadspin.com/a-shitting-irish-setter-and-more-of-the-grossest-thing-1743309926 Resurrected
This guy sucks...HARD.
Haven't sat in the seats but all the reviews I have watched indicated they were quite uncomfortable. YMMV, but the supposed rigidity and lack of adjustments would be a problem for me, especially on any longer drive.
PDK thoughts? Having a good year. Itching to get back in a 911. Thinking about a 997.2 GTS w/ PDK. I know that I should "just test drive one" but not always easy to come across what you're looking for locally in the used market. I drive quite a bit in the city, which is why I am kinda iffy on getting a stick shift again.
My mechanic swears by these things. He is a reputable guy. Says they never come into the shop with anything more than routine maintenance. The platform is almost unchanged for 20+ years. Most of the things that you will potentially have issues with are based on changes to interior / electronics / etc. This is all via him, btw.I have been looking at them for awhile now. Haven't read anything about any major issues plaguing any of the models btwn 2003 - present.
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