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I actually test drove a V70 Polestar last weekend. It was pretty cool. Once they get that infotainment system up to speed with this XC90 and refreshed V90, it would be appealing. But it doesn't really feel like a 62k car on the inside. Driving-wise, though, it was great.
http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/main/ProductDetail.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306418052&PRODUCT%3C%3Eprd_id=845524446573773&R=885476108203&P_name=Ralph+Lauren&N=306418052+1553&bmUID=l9.PlW4 RL Saunders Chukkas in limited sizes for $160
Never shopped here but stumbled upon it. Certain things worth looking at, APC, Sunspel, Norse Projects, Our Legacy, etc.: https://houseofhrvst.com/en/men/sale/ Also, I recently went into Haberdash here in Chicago because their online sale seemed so pathetic for a "going out of business sale" but it was just as bad in store as it was online. Idk, maybe people don't do fire sales with going out of business any more, but then again maybe that kind of decision making is why...
Runs fairly true to size. More of a European cut, as you would expect. So a tad slimmer than like Polo or something like that. But certainly not skin tight.
I get pretty awful mileage. About 22-23 on the hwy. 15-16 in the city. My car is stock.
Agree with @Piobaire here. I can see it being a fairly good "city SUV" and is quite popular here in Chicago. I have a relative who owns the 2.0 liter. Personally, I like the oomph of their 6 cylinder more (I think they do a 3.0 now? Used to be a 3.2). The SQ5 really shines, but at that price, you might as well get a Macan or that Volvo XC90. Seriously don't even drive the SQ5 because the regular Q5 will be a disappointment afterwards.
SLP cropped jodphurs for $450 shipped, no duties, no tax. Seems like a decent price. 42.5 only: http://www.atelieronweb.com/eng/collection-man-FW15-Saint_Laurent%3A_Brown_Belted_Suede_Ankle_Boots
I wrapped Making of a Murderer last night as well. Very interesting. Not sure it needed to be 10 episodes, although I suppose I am glad it was. They had a lot of footage, and I am glad they shared it as opposed to leaving more on the cutting room floor than they already did. Agreed, there were a lot of sad things about it. Goes into similar territory as The Jinx from HBO as well as the Michael Morton story (if you haven't read An Innocent Man parts 1 & 2, I would highly...
Not sure if this is the best thread for this, but I've been having quite a bit of wear in the inside heel cups of my cap toe boots lately and it's exposing the hard interior as the leather inner lining is almost worn thru in spots. I'm wondering if this is something a cobbler can fix or if even Alden themselves could fix it? I'm worried that it may mean I have to put some sort of padding over the wear spot, which I would prefer not to do. If any of you could weigh in, it...
I am 6'3 and I do not have problems in my e46. Maybe they changed the seats? Mine is an '06.I just use some basic Armor All branded wheel cleaner and a rag. Works fine. These brakes get dusty rather quickly, IMO.
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