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http://chicago.craigslist.org/wcl/cto/5656160174.html For @Thrift Vader
I guess my point is that MazdaSpeed is just kind of a joke. It seems like barely more than opting for a spoiler kit.
Why doesn't Mazda make an M / AMG / Sti / ST / RS / GTI type of line? I feel like it would do so well. This whole zoom zoom thing is bullsht. Their cars top out at like 180 HP with no turbos or anything. I feel like they would really be a draw in the entry level performance market.
Sometimes the painted lines relative to the bank of the turn don't really make sense. I will occasionally go outside of the lines on banked turns when I feel I have a line that is helping the turn go more smoothly. I don't think the lines are painted with the same level of planning as the design of the turn / exit. I know you're not talking about the turn necessarily and probably indicating a shoulder that is a completely separate structure / chunk of pavement or concrete....
Is that how you wound up like this?
@Thrift Vader just wanna say that even though I don't agree with everything you say or all your opinions, I do appreciate your POV on this thread and the discourse it encourages. Not exactly intellectual discourse, but discourse nonetheless. This thread can be prone to groupthink so it's nice to have a different perspective.
I would think a woman would rather be in a Miata than a McLaren. see: Russ Hanneman
Oil changes prob run you about $160Maybe steering rack will go bad soon?Your guy did a lot of the typical stuff.Car will prob leak / burn a little oil, wouldn't be too alarmed.Alternator is something I had randomly go.I would ballpark it at $2000 a year in upkeep on average. It will be like 500, 500, 5000, 2000, 500. Something like that.
I believe Haberdash was some attorneys who didn't want to practice any more either.
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