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Saw a bunch of Smartwool for Chup socks for like $17 at Nordstrom Rack on State Street.
Larry Sanders Show is on HBO Go now. Would highly recommend it. One of the all time great tv shows.
Firing this thread up again:
Way too much latitude, creative or otherwise.From a guy I follow on Twitter:"the reality is you have an M&A transaction (SCTY) that was designed to avert a potential bankruptcy of an affiliated entity, non-disclosure agreements being handed out to customers, slandering of journalists, people dying from the products and said information withheld from investors prior to a Secondary, selective disclosure (Model 3 deposits) and ongoing SEC investigations. And a legal...
Agreed. Safelite has easily been my worst service experience. Put in a windshield and messed up all the headliner on the A pillars. The windshield was warped. The wipers no longer worked properly. The automatic wiper feature no longer worked. They came to me to fix it, but didn't bring the right parts. I brought it in, they then proceeded to try and charge me more for re-doing it. It was a terrible experience. The good news is that their corporate office was fairly...
Maybe it's @Thrift Vader and his Japanese bias rubbing off, but I have been into older Japanese pickup trucks lately. I feel like used pickup trucks must have a defined floor in terms of how much value they can lose due to their intrinsic value of moving stuff, performing tasks, etc. Something like these:
This has the makings of a good challenge. What are the cars people would want for sub-5k? Maybe sub-10k? I like that @gomestar is posting real examples for @ramuman For @Thrift Vader
I guess my point is that MazdaSpeed is just kind of a joke. It seems like barely more than opting for a spoiler kit.
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