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Thanks for the advice. I was planning on getting the boots MTO, but I still need to figure out the sizing that is most likely to give me something wearable. Other boots I've tried on recently seem to also tend toward 9.5D/7.5D. How does your RMW size differ from your size in other boots?
Greetings, I have been lurking for a while and a finally ready to invest in a pair of RM Williams, but I think I have the ultimate sizing challenge: my left and right feet differ in size by 2 to 2 1/2 US sizes. For reference, when I tried a pair of Park Avenues, I was left foot 10.5D and right foot 8E, and I have a pair of Cliftons that I wear regularly which are 11D and 8D. This would my first pair of real chukkas, though I have a pair of cheap zip-up Timberlands that...
Thanks. How tall is the collar? Is this a jacket you have worn? If so, may I ask about your height and build, the fit of this jacket, and the measurements of jackets you typically wear?
Is that measurement from the top of collar or the bottom?
I'm interested but need some measurements.
Is there any extra fabric to let out of the inseam?
Measurements please.
PMed on the Harris Tweed gun check.
Measurements please. In particular, how long are the sleeves?
PM sent.
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