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Ascot is an authorized Vass retailer. Ascot sells in stock RTW shoes on its eBay store and also does MTO.You are making a distinction that does not exist. There is nothing stopping Ascot from becoming an official affiliate on this site.
You are wrong in your supposition. Ascot is getting the benefits and exposure of an affiliate without the expense. NMWA is an affiliate but does not have to stock its wares on this site. No one has has asked you to stop buying from Ascot.
That is why Ascot should become an affiliate. The official affiliates are spending money to support the site. I do not hate Ascot and I like Vass shoes. I have a few of them.
I am sure that we all like the beautiful Vass shoes from Ascot shoes, but this thread is starting to look like an affiliate thread for Ascot Shoes Inc. Most of the pictures have Ascot Shoes strategically placed to look like advertising. There are other official vendors on this site who are supporting the forum as affiliate members.
That is a beautiful color.
Do you pay your income taxes to the govt? Why will you not pay the duty in this instance?
Was it necessary for you to post his actual name for the world at this time? He has not done anything wrong yet. You bought the bag at a substantial discount which makes you nervous.
@upr_crust, you look very regal as always.
Regular calf is a bit thicker than Museum calf.
You went to Vass shop wearing a Tricker's shoe? Surprised they let you in.
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