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Do you pay your income taxes to the govt? Why will you not pay the duty in this instance?
Was it necessary for you to post his actual name for the world at this time? He has not done anything wrong yet. You bought the bag at a substantial discount which makes you nervous.
@upr_crust, you look very regal as always.
Regular calf is a bit thicker than Museum calf.
You went to Vass shop wearing a Tricker's shoe? Surprised they let you in.
I present an elegant new pair of Alfred Sargent Double Monk Strap shoe in Black Calf Leather. The shoe is manufactured in Northampton, England, on the AS 99 Last in an F (Regular) width. It features hand crafted oak bark channeled leather sole, and is fully lined with matching leather as the uppers. Shoes are new with box and AS Exclusive blue shoe bags. Free shipping is included with this offer.
Did Burberry invent the trench coat?
Nice shoes. What is the shoe color?
Nice shoes.
Vass has told you what their shoes cost. Why does it matter what some other customer paid for theirs? Is he going to manufacture the shoes for you?
New Posts  All Forums: