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The most important consideration is how you feel about your shoes. It appeared at first that you were ready to live with shoe as is, but when you put it under the perfect scrutiny of the forum, you decided to return it. If you do not like your shoes regardless of price paid, do return them and do not wait for others to validate that decision. What you see as a flaw can be no big deal to another guy.
None at the moment.
I bought two pairs of those and I like it. Sale is pending on this one. I also have two many DMs in the rotation at the moment.
F last is also my favorite. The P2 last also works for me. I do not have anything in K or U lasts because of the restrictive toe boxes.
Which is your favorite style among the Vass shoes you own?
I am sure you can find someone to proxy for you from the US if you are sure of your size. Why do your want to convince a company to go against their stated policy?
That AE Last does not work for the shape of your feet. The V is too wide. You might want to try other Lasts or wide widths.
You can view all AE styles on their web site, then decide the style and that will suit your particular needs. It is not really up to others to decide what will suit your situational needs.
Dembowski, do you mean that you wore the same shoe the whole week?
I have the AE Clifton and it is a nice shoe, but a balmoral such as the AE Park Avenue will be better suited for a wedding.
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