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There is an extra charge for the Vass 3-piece trees and they are not always readily available.
The adjustments were made during his visit to the Vass store in Budapest.
No. Sam's default width is more like 9 cm but you can customize to your desire.
What type of negative experiences have you had in Canada?
@andrel42, your new boots are stunning.
You have been complaining to anyone who would listen on this forum about phantom defects with your shoes. When are you going to rest the matter? No more comments from me.
I picked up on the coincidence too.
I am not interested in the opinion of the reviewers. You complained about slight defects in your earlier thread. What do you hope to achieve by repeating the same claims again in this new thread? Do you hope to convince other Vass customers that you were right the first time? I am not impressed by your repeated accusations and insinuations against both Vass and Ascot shoes. I believe you have been made whole in your transactions, and the beauty of the free market is that...
Were the responses you received in your earlier thread not sufficient that you had to drag it over here again? I believe as you were told in your other thread that you are being too picky. You can get a refund from Vass if they mess up your order and take your business to another manufacturer. You are now complaining too much.
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