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I am 195 cm (6'5") 80 kg (175 lbs) and I wear a Stark in XL. Its quite long and Im in doubt every now and then wether I really should have a L or XL, but people around me says that it fits great.. I think it is a nice fit a the moment but what happens if it stretches? Does it stretch? Idk, maybe Ill post a fit pic...
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Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles 240 days give or take a few days usually. Yep. You better keep a low profile the upcoming months.
Great thread! It inspired me to declutter my place a bit yesterday . I like the idea of minimalism. But at the same time I am big time materialist. I feel really really good owning high-quality products where you can see there has been a high degree of craftsmanship in producing them. Like a Filson bag, handmade shoes etc. It comes down to quality over quantity really. And get rid off all "stuff" I dont use on a daily basis.
Received my 11.6" MBA yesterday. It is truly amazing! I am throwing out my iMac now.
My Air just left Shanghai. I am glad the chinese apparently work weekends. And I'm glad that the time zones will help bring my air home faster
Just ordered the 11.6", 4GB RAM, 64 GB. I think it will compliment my iMac and serve me well in classes etc. Cant wait!
Quote: Originally Posted by gorgekko I was going to pick this up after you posted it but they want 30 euros shipping to North America for a 28 euro item Try here: Its a big Swedish webstore, they are good. I think it is 20 US dollars to North America. The case is really nice with great smooth leather. But be aware of that it is quite slim (but thats part of the appeal ), so you wouldnt fit too many pens in it.
This is how my beeswax db's looked after just a day of use, 10 months ago.
Ok, just pulled the trigger on these Loake Shilton boots.
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