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I am traveling to KL in a week or so and I am going to buy some shoes and loafers, but I do not know where the best place to shop is. Looking for Church, C&J, Loake and such... Any shops, places or experiences you would share?
Hello! I am asking what this kind of collar is called? (Not the shirt) I am looking for a new suit and this kind of collar is very good looking.
Okey, never done anything like that before. How much do you think that would cost to get a tailor to make one almost like this one?
Any of you people know where i could get just one like it, or any blazer in the same color and fabric? If you have trouble seeing the fabric. It is linen or something, soft red/pink, patch pockets. Link is prefered. Halvorsen!
Quote: Originally Posted by The Silverfox Sjokkerende at noen med navnet "Halvorsen" skulle vise seg å være norsk. Det vi kaller smoking kalles på engelsk Tuxedo, Dinner Jacket eller Black Tie. Det bør ikke forveksles med det som på norsk kalles røykejakke, som mange har slengt opp bilder av og som vanligvis er lagd i forskjellige mørke farger og av fløyelsstoff. Røykejakken kan brukes i mange elegante annledninger hvor smoking også er...
Quote: Originally Posted by W.R. Smoking is the Swedish/Norweigan/German/Danish translation of tuxedo. Trust me on this. Correct, Norway!
Greetings! I wonder what the difference is between a Smoking and a Tuxedo?! Is there a difference at all? I am looking for a smoking or a tuxedo that i can wear to formal occations in the future. I found some pictures. Here is Daniel Craig in a so called "Shawl collar style" tuxedo. I really like the rounded collar more than the often seen classic collar. Like this I have also noticed that some tuxedo pants have a silk line down the leg. What is the...
I am also looking for a Tweed jacket or suit for the winter. Anyone know any good brands?
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