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Single soled carpe backzips are hard to find. I want em.
can anyone attest to the quality of the (more recent) knitwear? Interested in a knit blazer. Thanks
I wear a size medium in SNS Herning Stark (recent iterations), and typically wear size 38. I should go with a 40 for the 3A, yeah? How itchy is the wool?
Interested in that as well. Golden bear has one as well, but made in america and not waxed. (visit unionmade.com) Does anyone know if this site it legit or not? http://www.barbourjacketssuksale.net/
I read on sz that that was just flat out wrong, but maybe that was wrong..
I highly doubt that guidi is goodyear welted. The difference between blake and good year in regards to styling really depends on how it's done. Though some of ma+ shoes could not have as clean of a line with goodyear, the double sole models could all have been done with good year (though the weren't). Just look at george cleverly or edward green goodyear welted lines to see how clean they can look. Simone also said he worked for carpe diem, and that wasn't true. I don't...
Size Medium https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ2w5xv0YFCOvou2uUN7mo9yz71lSirgrGi3IYiV6wJ8MrpLY6rKw https://s3.amazonaws.com/assets.svpply.com/large/3302833.jpg?1394518126
Is the Barbour x Norton and Sons St. Kilda, in olive, still available anywhere. thanks for the help.
^A name might help...they look like aldens? As for the IS boots, they look great, no issue with the discoloration. Just saying those small creases that it's showing easily collect dirt and oils that eat through the leather very quickly. something to lookout for. the appearance is great man. No one likes the nihomano shoes I posted? Is it because you don't like clicking urls? Around $800. hand made. It's the last time I'll post them if it gets zero interest, again....
I'd clean the IS boots. When those small crease develop, it's easy for dirt and grime to get in there, which will quickly start to eat away at the leather. No need to polish or the like, but just get the dirt out of there. I'd use a toothbrush or medium rough horse hair brush and just focus on those tight creases. How hard/easy is it to get in/out and lace up the inner lace boots?
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