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Yesterday ushered in half-price President's Day sales all across the fertile fields of Chicago's thrift stores. Visions of double monks and cashmere v-necks danced in my head as I ventured forth early Monday morning. Unfortunately it was it was not to be. 5 stores and just a Brooks OCBD and two pairs of what turned out to be too large chinos later I was back at my apartment making up a grocery list and folding laundry. Oh well...thrill of the hunt and all that..
Last week I made the rounds to a couple of my southwest side favorites. I found a nice Lords and Taylor house brand navy cashmere sweater for 3.00 and am wearing it proudly around the office post dry-cleaning. I also snagged a pair of like new J. Crew chinos (4 dollars), nothing to write home about but great for carefree casual wear, and a some nice green Irish linen trousers (2.50). My piece de resistance however was a medium blue Borrelli shirt (2.80) found at my last...
thanks for the welcome. antirabbit, i may take you up on that.
I more or less joined this Forum for this thread. Love it. That said: yesterday I scored a hole free (!) Pendleton jacket ($3) with patch pockets and great brass buttons. My girlfriends says it looks like something “an old man would wear” which I take to mean “timeless.” Can’t wait for next fall so I can actually wear it outside the apartment.
long time reader first time poster. just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 25 and have been wearing ties and jackets for the past 2 years as required by my employer. What was at the time a silly requirement has become a fascination and happy hobby as I spend many contented hours looking for deals around the great city of Chicago. On a slightly more personal note I’d like to thank StyleForum and AAAC for enlightening me to the sartorial panache of the four-in-hand knot...
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