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Slow times recently, but I did pick up a pair of green Borrelli cotton pants at Filene's Basement on clearance for 33 dollars. The care instructions are a bit over the top, I felt, informing you to do your best to avoid exposing them to the horrific effects of ultraviolet light. This led me to wonder if they are not meant so much to clothe as be properly stored. Throwing caution to the wind however I wore them anyway to a b-day part with a beat up old jacket from the...
Yesterday ushered in half-price President's Day sales all across the fertile fields of Chicago's thrift stores. Visions of double monks and cashmere v-necks danced in my head as I ventured forth early Monday morning. Unfortunately it was it was not to be. 5 stores and just a Brooks OCBD and two pairs of what turned out to be too large chinos later I was back at my apartment making up a grocery list and folding laundry. Oh well...thrill of the hunt and all that..
Last week I made the rounds to a couple of my southwest side favorites. I found a nice Lords and Taylor house brand navy cashmere sweater for 3.00 and am wearing it proudly around the office post dry-cleaning. I also snagged a pair of like new J. Crew chinos (4 dollars), nothing to write home about but great for carefree casual wear, and a some nice green Irish linen trousers (2.50). My piece de resistance however was a medium blue Borrelli shirt (2.80) found at my last...
thanks for the welcome. antirabbit, i may take you up on that.
I more or less joined this Forum for this thread. Love it. That said: yesterday I scored a hole free (!) Pendleton jacket ($3) with patch pockets and great brass buttons. My girlfriends says it looks like something “an old man would wear” which I take to mean “timeless.” Can’t wait for next fall so I can actually wear it outside the apartment.
long time reader first time poster. just wanted to introduce myself. I'm 25 and have been wearing ties and jackets for the past 2 years as required by my employer. What was at the time a silly requirement has become a fascination and happy hobby as I spend many contented hours looking for deals around the great city of Chicago. On a slightly more personal note I’d like to thank StyleForum and AAAC for enlightening me to the sartorial panache of the four-in-hand knot...
New Posts  All Forums: