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I'm a r-y-o man and find that anything but a Michel makes me look and feel like I have something to hide.
i had the itch to rummage on Wednesday. so i took a long lunch and headed west on the L to, in my experience, the dirtiest and most poorly organized of my regular stops. The best i've ever pull from its racks was a pendleton jacket a few months ago and i've found little to nothing since. yet I keep going back because it's also the cheapest thrift store I've ever run across: no shirt, Stafford or not, is more than 2 dollars and i've never seen any clothing article,...
Old Forrester. I'd put it up against any glorified Jim Beam like Knob Creek, nutrasweet-y Makers, or the silly 'single barrel' nonsense. Other than the Van Winkle's nothing else is worth the trouble.
Quote: Originally Posted by jett this thread is inspirational. I think I will go check out the shoe section of my local thrift store, could be a hell of a lot cheaper than the $300 Allen Edmonds I've been eyeing for my first "real" dress shoe. i see a lot of allen edmonds around my usual stops. in fact, a 10 dollar pair of cantons have been without question my most versatile shoe in and out of the office. of course finding the right size and...
thanks for the JKT clarifications.
Quote: Originally Posted by ksm Ricky's fabrics, though, can be very good if you stick with the JKTs. JKTs?
The constant barrage of pocket square folds, colors and textures have finally won me over and I have begun wearing them around the office. So this weekend I was keenly aware of their presence (or lack thereof) at my regular stops on the soutwest side. All in all, it was one of those disappointing trips that makes you question such a silly addiction. Though I did manage to pick up a Tie Rack red silk square (90 cents) with white dots. Of course, it doesn't seem to go...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nashville ^^^^^^^^^ love those shoes^^^^^^^^^^^ Thanks! I like 'em too. Today was half-price St. Patrick's Day sales all over. I picked up a pair of very nice slate grey linen trousers (1.23) and a 95% wool, 5% cashmere cable knit, v-neck sweater (4.00) in a very appropriate bright green. I also found a pair of brand new merlot Weejuns in 91/2D for six dollars. They are a bit small for me, but I figured...
A perfectly acceptable day along Milwaukee Avenue....Johnston and Murphy saddle shoes (8.95) and a "Briar" 50 cotton/50 silk tie (1.41. Why 41 cents? Why not!). Now I just need the 10 dollar seersucker and I'm ready for Easter Sunday.
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