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T.L. Solien
A new one. Oil on linen.
I've been enjoying this thread anonymously for a while and thought I'd post a recent acquisition. I just got this up on the wall from a local guy. It's hard to see in the picture but he makes intricate collages with a layer of resin between each addition that creates a wonderful depth. The composition seem to float on the panel. It's a nice size 30" x 48" and weights about 16 tons. The series (there are 5 panels in total) is entitled "Ghost Nets."
glad to see avenues get 2. went when GEB was there and the guy now has stepped it up. it's like a the "poor man's" alinea - more dishes that hit you like good mashed potatoes but fewer that make you giddy.
There is no line one crosses into alcoholism. Like all existential dilemmas it has much more in common with "do unto others" than "2 + 2." As much as we want easy, scientific answers like "no more than a glass of wine a day" the arbitrary nature of these standards becomes readily apparent when we attempt to apply them. We are not reducible sums. If your drinking bothers you and/or the ones you love then reconsider your ways. If it does not then what is the problem?
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC Two pairs of shoes today - a pair of Alden double-sole cordovan derbies..... Congrats on the Aldens. I've only ever found one pair of Alden shells here in Chicago, but they are not as versatile as these. I've always been surprised how few Aldens I see here. Lots of other stuff, and good stuff at that, but very few Aldens. Maybe when I finally catch the white whale of cordovan Alden derbies, I'll give up my...
pm #10
Tender is the Night
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles McCarthy - The Road Check out Suttree. McCarthy at his best.
The Civil War: Fort Sumter to Perryville
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