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For sale (all imported from the US, all in pristine condition (original packing ), never used outside) iOS/iPhone compatible: (i) BLACK V-Moda XS on ear foldable (very clever design) headphones (http://v-moda.com/xs/?page_context=category&faceted_search=0) (ii) BLACK V-Moda Universal Headphone Amplifier/DAC/Battery Pack (http://v-moda.com/vamp) Including customs fees, they cost me a fortune! Looking for £400 ($600); the audiophile, will be impressed by the quality of...
actual sizes P2P/S2S length please?
If anyone from the US needs anything from the UK I can help .. e.g., END, Coggles, Oi Polloi etc
Ta, I'm after black, there is a pair from Hong Kong (not keen).
Thanks very much!
Can anyone act as a proxy for these: http://www.amazon.com/V-MODA-On-Ear-Folding-Noise-Isolating-Headphone/dp/B00GO4GMAI/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top I cannot get them in the UK. Thanks very much
To buy an item and ship to UK?
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