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It's the real deal! I know because I bought almost all of their stock three months before bankrupcy!
There is also information on Goldpfeil, the history of the company and where to buy it on the English Wikipedia at: Thanks.
Hi, The quality of Goldpfeil is fabulous, handmade in Germany since 1856. I've been collecting Goldpfeil for 18 years and their style is understated elegance with very high quality leather. Cheers, Eric
I'd suggest Goldpfeil from Germany! I have stock of dozens of new Goldpfeil briefcases in Toronto. High quality leather with understated elegance! I have them listed on Ebay at The Goldpfeil Shoppe. Regards, Eric
I can vouch for Goldpfeil as I am the exclusive distributor in the USA and Canada!
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