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Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse And do you have his $500k wardrobe at your disposal? The beauty of FC was the simplicity of it all. Brad Pitt was a squatter. He looked like a hobo. No wardrobe like Joe Black. He was basically a cool, entrepreneur living in someone else's rundown shack.
Quote: Originally Posted by jha222 can someone tell me what 9-5 banker type is ? I was a bit misleading. I am a commercial litigator in real life and represent banks in complex commercial litigation. 9-5 I look the part, with emphasis on slim suits and over the top shoes and ties. I hate box suits, boxy trousers and boring, stupid clothes.
Quote: Originally Posted by nsimp Do you look like Brad Pitt? face, no, look like Chuck Baris from the Gong show with a hangover. Body, 5'8 152 lbs. cut.
Quote: Originally Posted by brozeus a teller Actually I represent banks in commercial litigation all over the east coast. Not smart enough to count money.
I really liked Brad Pitt's clothes and specifically the red leather jacket in Fight Club. For some reason, I dislike the red leather jacket as a separate piece, but thought the whole look of his jacket, print shirt and black pants came together well. He looked cool, tough, a little crazy, especially with the orange sunglasses. I am a 9-5 banker type and was thinking of doing a weekend look that's similar but want to use light brown in place of the red leather. I am...
Bought a Zegna last week; my goal was to get it trim and tight, like the Theory suits I've been wearing of late. I didn't want a classic, boxy suit. I wanted it trim, fit suit like the suits Ryan Seacrest/Mad Men are rocking these days. The Zegna was "trim" according to the clerk, and he said, "I wouldn't find one trimmer". Despite the sales clerk's encouragement, I didn't like the shape of the suit in the fitting room (I am a true 38 short and their was about a...
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Pics of the Etro shirt? This is not it but a close approximation, with more pink/lavender: Thanks for your time and advice.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker I would go SC and trou over a suit to achieve the look you want. sorry, but what's the meaning of "SC" and "trou" ?? Thanks again!
I am trying to spruce up a slate blue Zegna suit with a colorful shirt. I want to wear the ensemble to a business-related cocktail party. I am thinking of wearing a bright, striped Etro shirt under a slate blue Zegna. It's a striped shirt with multiple colors, including pink, dark lavender, a lime green and yellow. I think the shirt looks sporty by itself, but was wondering if it could be worn under a rather prosaic blue slate Zegna? I don't have a picture of...
I saw an ad for Ralph Lauren blue blazers that included a phot of a guy wearing a trim navy blue blazer, single-breast, gold buttons with a black turtle neck and black pants. Sorry I can't post. What do you think of this arrangement? It broke all the rules but looked fine.
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