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My nice, quiet law office has become Project Runway, overnight, and I need some insight and advice. By way of explanation, for years, the ladies labored in this firm in relative stealth, in fashionable, but conservative dress. But within the past few weeks, however, I have noticed a dramatic trend in everyone's dress and hair styling. Dresses are low cut in some cases, expensive and short. The purses come from LV. The heels are getting higher. The ladies with...
It wasn't that bad, but it had no play value. When I was ten, I got a Major Matt Mason "Space Ball" which was a ball pulled around by a tractorlike vehicle. I never got into it.
We have a conservative, professional office dedicated to a rather mundane legal chore with virtually no face-to-face contact with clients, and so are dress is basically office casual most of the year. Lately, (and suddenly) I've noticed three or four of the ladies trying to "outdo" each other with expensive LV and Coach purses, high heels, low cut blouses, designer dresses, beautiful leather jackets, and so far, it's getting really crazy, like Project Runway, but I...
I am considering a John Varvatos Morrison Zip Boot, a replica of what Jim wore during 1967-68, and I am very concerned that instead of dropping $500 on these bad boys, I should be investing in ankle boots that are practical, middle of the road, and versatile. My concern is that I am making a big mistake; that the boots will not look right with anything, as I am not Jim Morrison, and have none of his swagger, that I will look ridiculous. First, the Varvatos boots. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhoff Definitely a fan of Ted Baker ties (Specifically their Archive stuff) and feel that their ties offer an avenue to add some color or creative patterns to a solid suit. This is of course going off your statement about your office being relaxed and creative, I would say go for it. Would help to see a pic or two of the ensemble. will do. By the way, cool avatar. Where did you get the pic?
I have a new blueish-gray, slim Zegna suit, cut slim with tapered trousers. It's conservative and stylish at the same time, IMHO. I have a couple of slim Ted Baker ties that are bright, and I am wondering if they're going to look appropriate for office, or too much of an attempt at a power tie look from the eighties. My own taste is that I like classy, updated, non-boring looks that are confident and fun, and sophisticated. The ties are: gold/yellow with slight...
Found a pair of Kenneth Cole Regal King tapered dress shoes for less than $80 retail. Even at that price point, I have concerns about the shoe. It's tapered and updated. Looking at basic brown for a slate blue suit. I know they won't last forever and probably can't be re-cobbled, but what do you all think about Regal Kings? thanks for you opinion.
one looks like a homeless person on the first day of freedom from a mental asylum. Just not right. Like My Cousin Vinny in a purple velvet suit, with tails. Thanks guys, for bringing me back down to earth.
Quote: Originally Posted by DLester brother we cant tell shit without pics. post pics of the desired items. http://www.celebswear.com/productimage.php?product_id=8 This is the jacket, sans Brad Pitt. I used this photo because it shows a regular guy in a wild jacket, and keeps Brad from the equation.
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse And do you have his $500k wardrobe at your disposal? The beauty of FC was the simplicity of it all. Brad Pitt was a squatter. He looked like a hobo. No wardrobe like Joe Black. He was basically a cool, entrepreneur living in someone else's rundown shack.
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