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I am trying to get a cotton suit, (my first) in a stone gray color, and want it to look kind of sporty, because I hope to pair it with some cool shirts and polos during the summer. There is a Calibrate (Nordstrom brand) cotton suit that looks pretty decent on me and is the right shade of stone gray: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/calibrat...y&resultback=0 I am weighing the benefits of an off-the-rack modestly priced, well-cut Calibrate (fused) suit vs. the...
I have been invited to a "cocktail attire" party, hosted in a private home by a business associate in honor of a couple getting married. Normally, for anything involving a wedding, I wear a suit and tie. For a cocktail party, at least a jacket, dress shirt with collar, killer shoes and appropriate trousers. But the host made a point of saying, "it's a cocktail party, but you can wear khakis if you like, I know my husband the co-host will". Strangely, I have a feeling...
I found a midnight blue "casual" blazer on sale, and was wondering if it can still be considered casual if there is some minor padding in the shoulder? It looks slim, and cut beautifully, and the pockets look great. Everything about it says, "not a work suit" except of the minor padding. My second question is: what can you wear with a midnight blue blazer? It looks black in either night or day. My thought was a pair of dark washed jeans, or charcoal slim...
Hell yes or hell no? Here it is: scroll down to the sateen jacket and jeans. http://frachelli.com/?tag=mens thanks for your opinion
Quote: Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 look at the guy on the right, (he's mikael schiller, ceo of acne). this is how an older guy should look in a club environment (although i'd replace v neck with dress shirt). fuuma's advice above is good. edit: do NOT dress like the one on the left ( jonny, the designer ) great blazer...funny how the previous poster specifically said, "no blazers!!" Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma I don't see how a married person w. kids should be disallowed to enter clubs. I know a dude who once told his 20 y/o son "what, you don't listen to fidget, get on with the program!". Not everyone is some boring tv series parent. Fuuma, you nailed it. There are those who believe 45 year olds should stay at home, watching the telly...an old dog, laying down to die in the leaves. But I love the clubs, the loud...
I need a cottom suit. I am debating on whether to have BB do a made to measure Fitz vs. the Ludlow off the rack from J.Crew. I like the styling better with J.Crew Lapel is slimmer. But it looks and feels fused. Because it is. On the other hand the BB Fitz is better quality, made to measure, fully canvassed. The lapel is fatter and cannot be altered by BB. It looks stodgy. What should I buy? It's only a summer suit. TIA.
Quote: Originally Posted by 1901 http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/s...6899/16899.jsp J Crew Ludlow. No personal experience with it but I have seen it get some positive reviews around the board. Dig a little deeper and you should be able to determine if it's something you're interested in. Bingo that's probably it, but if you know of other options, let me know...my budget is about $1,500.
I am trying to find a casual, cotton suit in a stone color, but cannot find one that comes close to fitting. I did locate a Calvin Klein in the right color, but the fit through the middle was full and balloon like. Personally I am 5'8 155 lbs, slim and fit. Can anyone point me towards a brand that is slim, stone color and decent quality?? Thank you for your time and help.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lane I think this thread is beyond sad....OP needs to reevaluate his life. Mate......I'm only going to the clubs to keep up with the 20 Somethings at business conferences. Maybe I should stay at the hotel bar and eat peanuts??
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