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I have a business trip to San Diego planned next week and was wondering if there are any stores in particular that have a good selection of luxury brand shoes. In addition, I am looking for some cool ankle boots that I can wear with a suit. Thank you for any suggestions.
I never liked the idea of white boots until I saw these beat up Stacy Adams in "Drive": what do you think of heavily weathered white boots with denim: hell yes or hell no?    
In "Drive" Gosling plays this guy who is a mechanic by day, and professional driver for thiefs by night. He does business with felons, hookers and Hollywood talent agents. In the film he wears these heavily-weathered white Stacy Adams with Levi Henley's, a white Korean silk jacket and driving gloves. Totally cool, looks in place with the cheap, sleezy people he associates with. What do you think? Good look, or over-the-top?  
I was wondering if any of our North Carolina contigent could recommend a shoe store, boot specialty shop or department store that carries dress ankle boots/chelsea boots that are kind of long-nosed, fashion forward? I know there are Aldo's in Charlotte and Raleigh but was looking for something with more style and leather. I am sure there must be something in Raleigh or Charlotte, or possibly Wilmington. Can anyone make a suggestion? I will be in the Raleigh/Durham area...
cocktail party! thanks.
I'm wearing a dark blue collared sports shirt for evening events, no jacket, and was wondering what the best match is for pants. My wife says charcoal but I was thinking along the lines of a medium, textured gray. I would appreciate any suggestion or advice. Here's the shirt:  
It's some town south of Andersonville, SC....again the suede monks will get a lot of stares. Wondering if its worth it.
I am thinking of pairing these double monks with medium gray flat front dress pants, lavender shirt. The monks are techinically "olive" but they're brownish grey at a distance. My question is whether this ensemble makes sense. The monks look great but maybe too unique and daring for these folks in northeast Georgia There is a party, in a house, everyone else in jeans and Robert Graham shirts. Thank you.  
Maybe it was the music, atmosphere, co-actor but the black suit/black tie and gray print shirt in the Heineken commercial looks smooth...is it a good look, or pass? Here is the links, sans black jacket:  
  The suit looks like this, yet a bit shorter. I know sheen is a bad word around here, but it looks pretty cool. I am 5'8 155 lbs.
New Posts  All Forums: