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Five years ago I bought a Theory slim fit suit, which was actually separate trousers and jacket. It was a medium blue with a light, thin pale chalk stripe that was barely perceptable. The salesman said I could wear either jacket or pants separately, or together. The jacket came apart and went to Goodwill. I still have the trousers. I have a plaid sports coat that needs dark blue pants....my question is, can I use the Theory separate pants with their perfect color, but...
http://www.etro.com/en_us/man/spring-summer-14/shoes/141p2165024460200.html Not sure if I love the style but think these two tone brogues could be useful for parties, movies, even bars. Thinking of wearing them with slim tan jeans and sport jacket. Do they look too pimpish for any of the above? Thanks!
  This sports jacket is made from linen /silk and has soft construction. Can I wear slim AG white, off whie or beige jeans with it, plus a nice set of monks? Thanks for any advice.
I like the look of this Etro sports coat, with gray jeans, shoes and belt buckle; and was wondering if I could reproduce the look with a typical slim cut Hart Schaffer jacket with the traditional Prince of Wales plaid (which I have). The Hart Schaffer has the same basic colors without the crazy thick lines of the Etro.. yet something tells me that the wool, structure of the Hart will not come close to the style and flair of the Etro, and the whole attempt will...
I like the swag of this suit, metallic copper, chelsea boots, turquoise lining of the boots. Does anyone know where I can find the suit, or the boots, or something that resembles them?. Thanks for your sincere comments.
I am attending an evening cocktail party and want to wear something distinctive yet classic, and was wondering if a pair of Paul Stuart double monks would go with darker than average charcoal dress trousers? My other option is a pair of Prada double monks, jet black pictured below. Any suggestions or ideas welcome. Again this is a business function and every form of dress will be there, from extremely dressy to Izods. Thank you very much.  
Can anyone tell me who makes the boots shown here...they appear to be dress chelsea's but on closer inspection, they have a casual look. thanks for any information. 
 I just bought this BB Fitzgerald navy plaid jacket on sale and am not sure what I want to wear it with--I was trying to think of something besides light or medium gray. I don't want the look to be boring. The jacket has a slight sheen and has a slim fit. The plaid is a shade of gray with some green. I know the sport coat/jean look is regulary trashed here but could I get away with a slightly faded blue jean, in a casual setting, or am I stuck with light or medium...
Going to Vegas next week and looking for a blue chip shoe store with a variety of imported brands. I like the esoteric and over the top. Also looking for Chelsea boots I can wear with a suit. I want to keep it less than $1000 on each if posssible. Any suggestions?...I will be on the strip. Thank you in advance.
First, I own several Zegnas and actually like the fabric...its a mid-blue and stylish. I cannot tell if it's fused or not. Retail price is $1,200 and on sale for $450. Is this just a fused suit made for Saks with Zegna fabric? Should I save my money and get the real thing? Again, I really like the fabric and it looks fine on me. I cannot imagine that Saks would sell a fused suit that will bubble up or wear out in a year. Thanks for any response.
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