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It's intermission time !
What I want to see from everlane is some more heft in the materials they select. The leather they use on the weekender straps were flimsy. Their tees although very soft are very thin, which is probably why they get holes so easily. The fabric on the ocbds are also just a bit thin for my liking. Which is why I haven't shopped here for a while..but I hope that will change:D
Huh? what do you mean? CDG X Converse on sale for $85 They also still have some sizes for low tops and black as well
The waist is 31.5" and the leg opening is 8"
I'm currently wearing a size 32 0701 and a size 30 SL100x My momos are tighter in the thighs but looser in the waist and leg opening.
They do fade according to this pic unless they changed the textile..
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