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How do you like the strap on the Stowa?I have some Nomos watches *which look very similar to the Antea) and was looking for a source for croc straps.
Just got an e-mail back from Amazon stating the claim codes weren't available for use and they can't provide more details for confidentiality reasons. I'm going to file a paypal dispute to try to recover my money.
I just checked my gift card balance on Amazon and saw $200 in balance withheld, which can only be explained by my use of gift certificates bought by this seller. I will investigate and post updates, but for the time being, I would not trust this seller.
Any new codes?
I'd take a 7UK if you would proxy.
Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see a single suit on there labeled as an S. Could someone link to an example?
I only see the numeric sizing for suits on yoox; how do you tell if it is a short/regular/long? the standard watch is 35mm and the automatik is 40mm so you can size appropriate to your wrist's circumference, and both come with in-house movements. it looks great with a honey croc/gator strap.
mike's clothes fit 'him' exremely well considering he's got an atypical frame (slim yet quite wide shoulders/torso) whereas with TC there's nothing exceptional about this particular fit, if you add/remove a quarter/half inch in various places you'd be hard pressed to find issue with the resulting change
There are a lot of AEs for around 100 at my local Nordstrom Rack. Are these a cheaper department store line or something? The two models I remember look like the Winnetka & Kendall on AEs website.
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