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Moncler - but only the more classsic pieces without the logo. Simply the best outerwear.
I just came back through the cinema. Honestly, I left before the end - one of the worst films I have seen in a long time. The plot was totally ridiculous, or rather a total lack of it
Stinginess. Nothing annoys me so much. Especially when I am in a restaurant, we split the bill and the other person won't tip at all, expecting you to do it.
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel Axleman, love the shoes +1. Who makes them ?
Congratulations, your results are really impressive. Could you elaborate on the met-con training - how did you incorporate it into your routine ? Also, anything special about your diet ?
Try Malin&Getz deodorant: It is really, really good. I didn't have any rashes, allergic reactions or pain under the armpits I used to have with other deodorants. Also one "piece" lasts for a long time. Wallpaper chose it to be the grooming product of the year for a reason.
PG, you take it to the next level.
Quote: Originally Posted by Szeph el ratón I'm really considering to get a down vest like that to wear it over a suit. Yay or nay? Or should I better get a Barbour jacket or something? I wear it often over sport-coats. Looks really good. Try Aspesi, the best in my opinion.
The women are really great, that's true. I am from Poland too by the way. Definitely St. Petersburg is a place worth going to. Cracov is really nice - everybody loves it and it's perfect for a couple of days, there are also interesting things to see outside the city. In Ukraine - Lviv no doubt ( Minsk is nothing special in comparison). Also Chernobyl is no longer radioactive, my friends visited and they were amazed. I didn't like Budapest that much, I think it's kind...
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