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Beautiful coat.
BTW, you did SS or some other routine? I'm asking since I've been doing SS, but I'd like to do something more for the upper body.
I haven't noticed that at all, and I drink green tea everyday. How do you make it?
Women painting their nails in cafes, or generally in public places. I am having an espresso and I have to smell that shit. First, I've seen it once but now it's becoming common. WTF.
FTFY: Reblogged from
Vetiver is my signature scent. It is simple, refined, fresh and manly + it gets plenty complimentd from the ladies.
The Italian Cut used to be really good, but I haven't seen anything new in there for ages now.
In the last episode, when they were in the tea-house playing Scrabble, did you notice "testicle" and "vagina"?
Why no love for this guy? He looks fantastic.
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