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It's beautiful, but it looks like it was Bangle's Aston with all those curves and lines which is not a good thing. Anyway, the line on the door is obsolete - it's too much.
Putting a finger in your eye won't be a concern after two days or so, you really get used to it. I wear Johnson's "Hydraclear Oasys" or something like that - but not "Advance" since they contain more water, and they tend to dry out quickly. What works for me the best is the 2 weeks variation, because again they last throughout the day without drying out - it happened all the time when I wore the daily ones. Anyway, you won't regret it - contact lenses are so much better...
I don't understand Zagato. Every time the main idea is changing the back. Their Aston was ok, but the BMW is terrible - I think the proportions are off.
+1. So true. I often think that when I see some dickheads racing through traffic in their old, tuned BMWs.
+1I saw this guy in an extra tight shirt, baseball cap walking around the whole lifting section like a baws. It was ridiculous. I bet he just came there to remind everyone of his grandeur and magnifiscence. What a dickhead.
I had this in London a few days ago. It's called Estrella Damm Inedit and apparently it was composed by Ferran Adria and his team. Very light and delicate, crisp and fruity - it would be fantastic with food (tapas, pasta, seafood etc.) I really enjoyed it, and the girl I was with enjoyed it very much too. Good stuff.
Yeah I know you're the biggest "badass" of this thread, and you knew everything from the day 1, but I don't - hence a question. Relax a little
Guys give me advice on this please - I have read SS, and I have read this thread long enough to know how proper training at the gym should look like, no bro science etc. I have never trained at a gym in my life. I never touched a bar or squat rack. I am totally untrained, tall and very thin. Now should I do SS right away, or do something else just to get started? Serious question.
Beautiful coat.
BTW, you did SS or some other routine? I'm asking since I've been doing SS, but I'd like to do something more for the upper body.
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