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Thanks a lot, you were right. It's Alden for JCrew.
Could you help me identify these boots? This is exactly what I'm looking for for winter.
My dad just changed the old one (exact same engine) for the new one and there is a hell of a difference. Literally almost everything looks and feels better. He's got the 3 liter 313 hp petrol one, and it feels really quick for such a big, heavy car.
So I am into the second month of SS. I have obligatory sport lessons at my university. I do indoor football (soccer) every monday morning, and it is a one hour of heavy cardio, I am usually tired afterwards. I know cardio interferes with the bulk, but I have no choice - my schedule doesn't allow me to change days, and I have to lift on monday. Should I do it in the morning after football, or wait as long as possible and go to the gym?
What a machine!!!. I'm surprised nobody listed it as one of the cars in their dream garage. Definitely want - an EVO. I just thought this beauty needs to be shown to the world more often.
That's what she said.
At least Arthur PE is gone from this thread.
^ Concerning this: Actually, what makes the ice white isn't the minerals but the oxygen. Even if you boil the water 5 times it still doesn't matter, because oxygen desolves in H20 at room temperature too. I have done extensive research on the internet, and I have obtained the best results with "directional freezing". Ice freezes from the outside to the inside - that's why most of the ice cubes are cloudy in the middle. The oxygen is trapped inside the ice cube. You can...
I bought it to try doing Negronis with it. Otherwise I have no clue how to use it. Any ideas guys?
6'5 and fortunately a very reasonable shoe size.
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