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What a machine!!!. I'm surprised nobody listed it as one of the cars in their dream garage. Definitely want - an EVO. I just thought this beauty needs to be shown to the world more often.
That's what she said.
At least Arthur PE is gone from this thread.
^ Concerning this: Actually, what makes the ice white isn't the minerals but the oxygen. Even if you boil the water 5 times it still doesn't matter, because oxygen desolves in H20 at room temperature too. I have done extensive research on the internet, and I have obtained the best results with "directional freezing". Ice freezes from the outside to the inside - that's why most of the ice cubes are cloudy in the middle. The oxygen is trapped inside the ice cube. You can...
I bought it to try doing Negronis with it. Otherwise I have no clue how to use it. Any ideas guys?
6'5 and fortunately a very reasonable shoe size.
Arthur PE - just to remind you. This thread is called "Cars We Drive" no t"Post a bullshit chart nobody cares about"
More of a tailor-etiquette question: My father ordered brown, linen MTM jacket from Sartoria Partenopea. It is too short in my opinion (but he agreed for this length - so there is nothing to do about that I guess). The main problem are the pockets though - flap instead of patched. It's their mistake. For me this is a crucial misunderstanding and I would request my money back (the down payment) - or if that is not possible, I would at least not pay the rest. What do you...
It's beautiful, but it looks like it was Bangle's Aston with all those curves and lines which is not a good thing. Anyway, the line on the door is obsolete - it's too much.
Putting a finger in your eye won't be a concern after two days or so, you really get used to it. I wear Johnson's "Hydraclear Oasys" or something like that - but not "Advance" since they contain more water, and they tend to dry out quickly. What works for me the best is the 2 weeks variation, because again they last throughout the day without drying out - it happened all the time when I wore the daily ones. Anyway, you won't regret it - contact lenses are so much better...
New Posts  All Forums: