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They will not, at least not online. I asked already. I gave up with the company and went looking elsewhere. Edit: I went to their website now, and the style is restocked contrary to what I have been told. They need to sort out their PR it seems.
I am quite annoyed with Velasca. I wanted to buy their "Spazzacamin" for quite some time, waiting for them to restock. It's not going to happen. The shoe is available in just one size, 45. It is the case with many of the other shoes. What's the point? Anyway, could someone reccomend a shoe similar to this - I especially need that kind of sole for the winter:
Thanks! I meant sole not last of course. Brick and Mortar's version is exactly what I was looking for. Perfect color.
I've looked pretty much everywhere but to no avail. Is anybody aware if I can buy the Longwing Blucher in dark brown suede? I mean on a regular last, not crepe. The shoe is beautiful, but the snuff suede is just too light for me.
It is Gregory Peck by Oliver Peoples:
From where?
Anybody could ID those for me please? Harvey Keitel wore them in Sorrentino's 'Youth' (great film btw) I've been dying to find any info on those online, but no success. They seem pretty basic, but for me they are a perfect shape - classic aviator without being "fashion".
Barton Perreira Gilbert size 49, in Chestnut. I bough them a week ago, but in the wrong size. If interested send me a PM, I'm ready to negotiate the price. Located in the EU!
I'd like to buy this coat: Does anyone know anything about the 8 brand Yoox sells? Is it their house brand? How about quality? I can't find any info on this.
What about Orangina? Together with San Pellegrino's Aranciata it's the best orange soda I think.
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