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That's what I thought too.
I don't think there is a right section for leather trousers in the first place.
If you've already seen most of the pics, then it's probably not worth your time and money IMHO. Quality of the pictures are surprisingly poor. I was quite disappointed when I got mine.
IWC Portugese, JLC Reverso, Cartier Calibre de Cartier, Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk, AP Jules Audemars, Piaget Emperador.
Hell yeah I would.
+1Not a fan of dark on dark at all. And a bright tie just sinks the whole look even deeper.
Never use a tie bar that is wider than your tie. Unless you are angling it.
You can wear almost anything with jeans, given their versatile nature. The best kind of shoes for someone in college would probably be white sneakers, loafers or drivers.
I'm thinking of changing the gunmetal brass buttons on my navy DB blazer but I'm not sure what would be ideal. Sorry I don't have a pic of the blazer as it is currently at my tailor's. This DB blazer is solely meant for informal purposes only, not part of a suit. I found some pictures with white buttons but I think it looks a little tacky. Any good suggestions as to whether I should keep the brass buttons or swap them? And if so, what colour of buttons would be most...
My feet went through hell when I wore my Cole Haan tassel loafers during the first few times. But Spoo's right. It was a little tight in the front. After I used shoe trees to expand it a little, it wasn't so bad anymore. I also applied mink oil on the inner part of the shoe and let it sit overnight. It helps to soften the leather a little.
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