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Wow! That wasn't even directed at me and I feel strangely depressed:(
Congratulations! Good choice and great school.
My impression has always been that MBAs really prove their worth when: 1) Trying to move from one industry to another (e.g. consulting to banking) 2) Getting non-business professionals (engineers, chemists, etc.) into business roles. Aside from those two areas, I have always been a little bit unconvinced by the value of the degree...
What a tragedy. Every time I hear about someone getting shot to death over some trivial matter, it really breaks my heart. What a waste of life. RIP to the kids, and may justice be served (hopefully swiftly and without any unnecessary media theatrics).
The overall importance of an MBA to progress within a company seems to vary wildly depending on the industry/company/region. It's difficult to get a good idea of where it is important and where it is not.That's something that continues to flummox a lot of potential MBA students: If I don't want to switch careers and if I am not in IB/Consutting, where it is built into my career progression, why should I bother?It's a valid question. I don't know the answer.
Since I know a lot of SFers are working in corporate gigs and probably aren't wanting to do an MBA to switch careers, what are everyone's views on MBAs for those trying to progress within their chosen field? I have heard a number of people say that for continued progression within a firm/industry the best bet might just be a PT program at a strong regional school with low tuition. Any thoughts? I am sure many SFers who are not planning on a career switch could benefit...
It makes sense that the further you are from directly employing an individual the more difficult/lengthy it will be to fire them, mostly because you probably don't have the power to even fire them yourself. My own boss can't just show up one day and fire one of his direct reports even if he or she was doing a terrible job. HR, upper management, etc, would need to be alerted and everyone would need to make sure they were covered legally, etc. That just isn't how it works in...
You`re in your mid twenties, which means you have no idea what you want, even if you think you do. So don't worry. Coming up on 30, I think I can say with some authority that for me the key in your mid to late thirties is: 1) Put down the base for a working life. If this means getting an MBA or churning out a few more years at your current job to get a god base in something (in your case, understanding company financials, how operations work, how to put together a pitch...
One of the best TV Series I have ever watched (animated or not):
This was a really great miniseries. The casting was fantastic and all of the performances were top notch. The set design was dope as well.
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