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I watched "Drive" last week, I thought it was a mix between "Lost in Translation" and "A History of Violence"... a very good film! The day after, I watched Mission Impossible IV, not bad, but not even close to MI III, the best of them all in my opinion.
Not true, both are correct, unless you are Catalonian or Basque, in that case you´ll probably prefer to shoot yourself before saying anything related to the word Spain.Ah, and it´s not ballonpie, it´s balompié:
So, in this car review, the price is stated before taxes? guess it is, otherwise, it´s similar to what you would pay anywhere else in Europe.
I don´t know why, but I knew you were from Scandinavia before I could read your location.
My parents bought me a Nissan Micra, and paid my college tuition.
I can just post links, because I can´t upload pictures from work This is the car my parents had when I was born: This one came ten years later: And this is the last one, bought right before I moved to Sweden:
In Europe: Lazy, corrupt, paella eating flamenco dancers. In the US and almost anywhere else: Mexico in Europe
Quote: Originally Posted by ErnestoG. do you drink the litre sized cruzcampos? Una litrona? No way, I´m not fifteen anymore!
Monday to Thursday: None Friday and/or Saturday: 20-25 beers, 4-5 shots and a couple of mojitos. I guess I am a weekend alcoholic
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