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need some confirmation on this. if im a 29 in nc, what am in in ps? thanks all..
how should i size in PS if im a 29 in NC?
just got my apc new cure size 30. think i could size down one more. but im quite happy with the fit. i got it cheap so dont think i wanna sell it. the waist, i know stretches a ton so im going to wear a belt. My query is whether the new cure will stretch a lot in the thigh? was disappointed that the leg opening is quite big, should hv gone with PS.
^^ thigh matters most in one's decision on which fit and size to buy. also @ ac_slater, since we are both the same height, do you happen to stack your jeans? and whats the length of the inseam? thanks
im only 5 foot 8. but i should probably wear them for at least a month for the stacks to settle in then i guess..
its a little bit messy or clumsy i would say cause its a little too long for short guy like me.. yea im probably gonna wear for a week and see how it goes
hey all, i just received my japan heritage. im about 5 ft 8. was wondering what inseam length should i have for a decent amount of stacking? the jeans are brand new and about 36inch inseam.
@Jay, yea im sure i have a 29 tripleW lol.. well no biggie, i will hopefully get to try a 31 soon or maybe wg fit and then get from blueowl
yea the thing is according to the measurements from blueowl, i could even fit in 29 skinny guy. as i own a 29 slim tapered Tripleworks, so i was quite sure i could fit in 30. turns out, cant even button a single one. check the measurements for the tripleworks slim tapered size 29, the measurements are way slimmer than the 29 or even 30 of skinny guy.. i guess i forgot to take into account that i do have quite a meaty butt..maybe thats the reason..
hey guys. i just tried on a Skinny guy size 30(broken twill).. i cant get any of the buttons done, although i know they do stretch but i dont think it will be enough....and the store does not have a 31, only 30 and 32. and the 32 was too lose in the waist, while the thigh are also quite loose.. will a 31 do me good? ps: im planning to get a skinny guy jap heritage, so im hoping with the same tag size, both the jap heritage and broken twill measurements are the same.
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