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how much is the indigo indigo at barneys?
looks tight at the top block. plus thigh area would not strecth that much.. but sweet colour and nice stitching on that jeans..
ns is looser than ps and nc to begin with. and lol, no , it wont affect the fading process . and no, why would you wash it? if you must, just give it a soak. and you have to post fit pics so we know if you must change fit or size down etc..
any progress pics on elephants? anybody?
^^can you post any fit pics? im a 29 in WG too , but im quite sure that ppl size one up from usual size for Elephant. can you button them now?
is anybody having trouble buttoning up their japan heritage? mine is a 29 in weird guy cut... the buttons quite frankly are ridiculously short , plus the denim is so stiff (not complaining here) make it so difficult to button up. except the top button is fine. i just tried to button up the jeans without wearing it. and it took some pain on my finger to button up the second last button. the last bottom button is impossible to button, as of now.
can anyone recommend a sling bag/messenger bag good enough for uni? also desert boots although im kind of set on clarks.. and lastly a high/mid top sneakers.. ps: budget is a problem as im still a student.. no ro sneakers and etc pls..just wanna know what other options i hv other than the usual brands..
alright need another advice here.. what kind of shoes should i wear with my WG? i have low sneakers and it fit awfully with WG leg opening.. im thinking boat shoes or etc.. recommend me pls! thanks:D
hmm odd, but nice to know.. wish i could try on a pair of skinnyguy deep indigo. i have some meat 10.75 thigh is ok for me.. but sometimes i forget to take into account that i have a quite a meaty ass and rise of certain jeans.. but damn the wg back rise is quite horrible too.. if possible, could you post a fit pic of you in the deep indigo or post some measurements? although i doubt they stretch a lot..
so i tried on skinnyguy broken twill size 30 and 32, my local store ran out of 31. the 30 was tight at the thighs and at most could button top button after few wears i assume. then the 32 was considerably looser at the thighs and waist, no problem buttoning. so i guess 31 will be my size. but was wondering if i shoul go 31 or 32 in the deep indigos? for reference, i have the WG Japan Heritage size 29. thanks:)
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