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finally a toteholder... and no more medium for salt pepper knickers
yea the only thing that n&f has to improve is their construction... imo, the buttons are too short and the holes are too small sometimes.. luckily for me, the elephant has stretched a bit. the stitching also seems clumsy.. had a few broken ones already on my japan heritage.. other than the above problem, for the money, they are a damn good pair of denim.
that second pic is so unreal.. simply amazing.. its like you painted that ass area with white paint...
my god.... even 5 blowouts are worth it imo
^ a million times this . unless you're one petite man and have like really really small thighs.
ah thats nice to know. i would love mine to stretch a bit
fit pics? if not, if you really cant button and its really tight, it wont hurt to size one up mate:) e2 wont stretch a lot i think.. until last night, i could not button the last two buttons without even wearing them ! so i put two pens through the holes to enlarge it..
^^ nice ! @ tooawesome, i guess when you're a denimhead, you would wear anything even if they are 30oz regardless of where they are. i hv a E2 too, and im from Malaysia.. even wearing apc under the sun sometimes already make the legs sweat.. wonder if i can make it to a year without washing.
http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h371/damarn/5.jpg http://i1106.photobucket.com/albums/h371/damarn/back.jpg for those who wants to see fade pics of E2.... took them off an indonesia forum.... superb pair !
dont need to rinse.. many people here just wear them straight out of the box.. we love the stiffness of it ! yea just spread and pat some water at back of the knees if it hurts you that bad. nope not gonna change the colour.. its so dark almost like black.
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