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awesome! really need some funky shirts in my life:embar:
would really love if WvsG comes up with funky shirts like gitman. polka dots especially:embar:
anyone else experienced that the words on the care tag sort of fade away after washing? not that its a biggie , just saying. cause i wash my sno cone shirt and knickers, and both tags seem to become soft, crumpled and words fade away. btw, after the wash, the sno cone shirt really is so crumpled lol.
^definitely 29
^ everything looks so good. but that shoes stands out
mine didnt.. maybe because i dont bike..
no free shipping ths time.. maybe mauro will make it happen soon:D
finally a toteholder... and no more medium for salt pepper knickers
yea the only thing that n&f has to improve is their construction... imo, the buttons are too short and the holes are too small sometimes.. luckily for me, the elephant has stretched a bit. the stitching also seems clumsy.. had a few broken ones already on my japan heritage.. other than the above problem, for the money, they are a damn good pair of denim.
that second pic is so unreal.. simply amazing.. its like you painted that ass area with white paint...
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