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i do agree to a certain extent that out of 100 people, maybe 10 or less would hv defective products. but they certainly produce great denim with interesting fabric and at reasonable prices imo. to produce kevlar denim, 32oz, glow in the dark.. those need research, time, and higher cost.. and hv maybe more complicated process which is fair for n&f to charge more. if one finds it too expensive, then fair enough, dont have to buy it. just a get a regular deep indigo or left...
^ any preferences? such as which fit, how heavy you want the denim at, fabric, budget?
its pretty simple if you ask me. most people size 2 down for WG. for chino, just size one down for still a slim fit and for more comfort. thats what im gonna do if im gonna get a chino of n&f .
because this thread is about denim. not shoes. why not you post your questions in shoes related thread? thought thats kind of obvious
@JustinW, revolve offers free shipping for international orders above 100usd and also, my clarks db sand suede is a 9.5us, although im a true 9us. i guess going 9us with the 1ks will be fine? @ConcreteFiction, can i have the seller's email address so i could contact him? cheers!
thanks for the quick reply mate. but i should do fine in tts for the 1ks, hopefully. as for the price, revolve will be cheaper as i will be buying from them the first time, if that 30% still works?
hey guys im from singapore and was wondering if revolve is the best place to get the 1k's? but there's no options to choose the width?
pics taken with flash. super glad i went with a medium in bd for the funfetti, as i own sno cone AD in small. comfy and comfy
anyone here can post up some pics of 0702 progress?
^pull the trigger man. its a decent pair. the texture and the roughness of the fabrics makes some ppl compare to selfedge x imperial pair. you wont regret it. i have only wear mine for under 10 times, and fades are already apprearing ..
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