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it wont shrink much. 0.5 to 1 inch in waist and thigh probably, and will stretch back to how it was before. use cold water to soak instead of hot. yes. no you shouldnt lol.. i dont put anything in front pockets, way too small and tight even when i sized correctly.. but of course i have big thighs too thats why..
lol. deep indys are nice. enjoy !
^ no you dont need to soak it first. when its time to wash, you can wear it in the tub and wait till it can be hang dry if you're really concerned with the fades and combs shifting.
wow you must be new ! haha.. just google naked and famous skinnyguy and you will find many fit pictures. generally, its either you stay true to size or size down one for skinnyguy. but it depends on which fabric and how slim are you
the pictures have been out for some time haha.. jay had them up in the blog and forum whenever there's a restock too.. really looks amazing. the fades looks so cool and vintage-ish. if i had budget, its either this or railcar spikes or eternals.
man what the hell are they up to.. just take the refund now lol.. sorry to hear man..
chill guys.. @ wwjbd24 , its good that you have read and i dont see how you can get many different opinions like you said. my advice is the same as lckychrmsbboy. but im gonna say you are a 29 in weirdguy ducks or 30 in skinnyguy.. but if it was me, i would go a size up from my usual weirdguy size as i want a less slim profile with the ducks/chinos, and for more comfort too.
normally sleeping in a brand new denim in fine when the person wants the break in the denim or make it stretch.. after the denim is broken in, then its pointless to do it.
^ its k armaloop's fault. saw his post and replied in superfuture..
@ mrphrog, the 0702 runs pretty true to size. if one is slim enough, he can definitely size one down. and the denim is more tightly woven compared to the pbj's 007. if i don't already have n&f elephant, my next pair will surely be the 0702. @ jimney, the difference are things like maybe the weight, indigo colour(intensity etc), leather patch, and some japan blue denim has blue inseam.
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