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i think you should go ahead and give railcar a try , or even pbj if you have the extra funds she only wore it for 2 months i think. and did stretch around 0.5 inch at the waist. anyway lets not go off topic here. before i got the railcar, i ask jay to get his opinion on n&f ladies. and conclude that its good enough to start off but the fades are not that great.
Yea want to give a good shout to railcar too. Very nice denim and details. Got one for my girlfriend:)
I think he already did specify. Which is to look for something darker along the lines of indigo warp and indigo weft. Elephant 2, kamikaze collab, maybe deep indigos.
^ if the model you bought is sanforised, then you don't have to soak. if you're afraid that the waist will stretch, just wear a belt from time to time.
its true that momo, ih, samurai and other jap brands are top. but imo, n&f makes really solid denim and interesting ones with funky fabrics and design, and hard to beat them at their price. i personally own 2 n&f. i think the one that gives the most value at the moment are the left hand twill, elephant 2, deep indigo, japan heritage and a few more. really awesome for their retail price.. and most of them can always be found in b&s on here and sufu. and i just got my...
thats the 24 oz as stated not the e2.
3.5 months? amazing man.. beautiful.
easy. then just get one n&f and one apc. measure your most comfortable pair against apc nc, ns or what style you want. do the same for n&f too. i would recommend, get n&f left hand twill as it offers the most value and fades really well. there are other brands you can look into such as railcar , left field etc.
yea thats correct. the gt has more thigh space and tapers more below knee.. its quite a good fit
google. and to clarify, GT has more thigh space and tapers more compared to SJ. close.
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