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thanks Jay for the help!
anyone can help me?
hey guys just one question, are the jeans below raw and possibly fade well? im planning to get one for my girl:)
Hi all. im looking for sneakers such as nike dunk high. need some recommendations for high top sneakers.. couldnt afford lanvin, so no thanks lol.
Hey there all. i was wondering if anyone could help me with some pjb denim questions. i wanted to get a pair of pbj for my girl, but in BIG, there's no slim fit pbj for ladies in waist 26 or even 25, cause my gf's waist is about 26. i was wondering if anybody could give me any links or advice on what to get ? really would appreciate the help a lot. thanks in advance.
it really depend what fit you're looking at. ps is the most tapered one. ns is slim straight i guess, but also depending how you size up or down.
so any one can recommend me which jeans have the similar fit of pbj 007? also are we supposed to go TTS in washed Dior Homme jeans?
no i have not. but im not so interested in naked and famous, but really amazed by some of their unique denim. thanks for the suggestion though. anyone to suggest more?
^^yea, but from what i heard, size down 1 for GT is good enough Need some help on a new pair of jeans myself. in a dilemma for going slim straight or dior 19cm. first off, i really like the fit of my nudie slim jim, sort of just slim straight. i have another pair which is a Tripleworks future indigo slim tapered which is really slim almost skinny-like. if what i heard is true that some say that the Tripleworks slim tapered is very similar to the cut of dior 19cm, then i...
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