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1. if the pair is unsanforised, its only wise to alter after the soak as the denim will shrink, just wear the jeans well and dont worry too much. lastly, enjoy the experience. 2. again, just measure your favourite pair of jeans and compare the measurements against the size 30 slimguy.
lht runs bigger iirc. if you're not on the big side, going 31 will probably be fine. just measure your favourite fitting jeans and compare the measurements to the 31 and 32 lht. and about the stretch thing, its more of what you do in it. if you just generally walk and not go mountain climbing and biking in it, the stretch will be minimal.
as great as the jh is, the oni collab is better. more character in the fabric imo. there's not many ideas people can give if your choice is between lht and oni. you dont hv to wear them that skinny, so getting the oni in that size you looking at should be fine looking at the measurements. like i said, just wear them straight or cold soak if you're worried it will shrink too much.
Get the Oni. Wear them straigh on until you need to wash. Or just cold soak it.
@ masshi, im a tts, 32 in the skinnyguy. i took a 32 for the ducks too, but it turns out that i can certainly size down 1. the waist is considerably loose as well as the thighs. i still wear it though as it still look solid slim fit. im assuming you're around a 29-30 true waist? if so, i reckon you can do 29 in the ducks. but to be safe, just measure your apc and compare it to the ducks measurements.
if you're into raw denim, then owning one indigo denim is definitely insufficient lol. you could get indigo, black and white for a start? not necessarily raw as you can get a white pair from uniqlo too. unbranded's navy and khaki chino looks solid and decent value.
you're most likely a 30 in skinnyguy, and 29 in weirdguy. find a model that you like from blueowl and i guess you're good to go. no soaking needed unless the one you want is an unsanforised pair.
iirc, the LHT's measurements are larger than the usual. im sure you can do even a 31 in the skinnyguy LHT if you're on a slimmer build. they will stretch, not much and depends on what you do in them. if you're worried, just wear a belt.
The E3 have looser weave. Slightly beige or brown weft.
recent purchase. crappy pictures. can't tell how amazing the lawn print is. love it!
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