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The white piping looks strange. Could you post a pic of the front please?
Quote: Originally Posted by southernstyle Do they ship to the US? Worldwide.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman http://thenextweb.com/apple/2010/02/...manufacturing/ http://www.china-labour.org.hk/en/node/15889 http://homeport.tcs.tulane.edu/~roux...99/china2.html So because I don't like the idea of Chinese children being forced to work in windowless factories I must have racist thoughts toward Chinese people? Seriously? You might be better focussed on venting at Apple, but then, their products are...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sunworshiper Try FB Collection www.fbcollection.com They are on the expensive side of the range but very good quality so worth it in my opinion... They had a 20% discount code if it's still running, otherwise 10% code is on their facebook page I think... You are nearly a year out of date, son. The OP unfortunately died in a tragic accident whilst surfing off of Hagamansett Sound. His board shorts were never...
Quote: Originally Posted by mcthiel Thanks everyone for their response. I'll call Cranes as soon as I can skrape some money together. All this advice, and still not ready to buy!
Quote: Originally Posted by PorterInjax Uh...a beach on Key West? Not many beaches there and it is a VERY casual place. Sure that something more in tune with the surroundings wouldn't be appropriate? I've been to several beach weddings (including my own, Abacos in the Bahamas). The only person I've seen wear a serious suit was the fellow performing the service. Everyone else was stylishly casual. Unstructured linen suit would be good....
I have seen inside a few Chinese factories, ranging in size from 30 employees to 3000. I can honestly say that I did not see children working, nor would I have expected to, these were mainly high tech plants with machinery that a child would definitely not had the capacity to operate. China makes good product at a good price, though how competitive it will be in the future is debatable, given current trends. I distinctly smell racism at work in this thread.
It's a great looking casual scarf. If you like it buy it, but soliciting opinions here tells me you do not.
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches it is rather sweet I think I have just found my next suit! A three piece herring bone Donegal.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBer Creepy +1 It's the murderer's gloves that tip this into 'creep'.
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